Prophecy: Reversals, Restoration and Removals

Jun 29, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy by Hank Kunneman released on June 27, 2021 regarding Reversals, Restoration and Removals.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, June 27, 2021
Once again, we are gathered in this moment, says the Lord, that I may speak to a people, a people who have been in fear, a people who have been in doubt, and a people who have given up. For I remind you of the time when I stood outside the tomb of my friend, Lazarus, and they had given up and thought there was no hope. Yet, what did I do? I restored life. Then there was the time when there was a young girl that was sick and they said, ‘Master, do you not know that she lies sick?’ but then the report was that she was dead, and I went to the house of Jairus, and they had given up. They thought there was no hope. Yet, this is the condition of many in this nation at this time. They’ve said, ‘Lord, do you not understand that the election was months ago? There is no hope, how can this be restored? What will it take to restore truth and honor and the one who rightfully won?’ An unjust judge of all things would ignore it, but I have not, nor will I, says the Living God.

Therefore, more evidence shall come out as more states shall jump on and it shall only reveal more and more of what took place. And it will reveal the hands of foreign nations, but not just foreign nations but domestic enemies that shook their hands. Therefore, pay very close attention for I’ve declared in My Word that I am the God that will restore the years that the canker worm and the locusts have stolen. Why do I speak this to you at this time, says the Spirit of God? Because this is what is happening upon your nation though you are afraid.

Some of you have given up and some of you have mocked and put words in the mouth of the prophets and you have called them liars, you have called them false, and you have called them out. But, God says, get ready because I am telling you a truth, I am in the process and have been, of bringing restoration upon this nation. I will restore the rightful one! I will restore the years that this has been going on in your nation and I will restore the months that have taken place since the time of your election, and I will restore the year that has been stolen!

Look to the sign of your masks coming off. It’s a sign of freedom, but also restoration. Look at your fireworks that are about to shine in the skies. It’s a sign that I gave this nation a restored freedom and liberty unto a people. This is what is coming and it’s coming fast. A part of this restoration that will take place will be shocking to many as the truth comes out of what has been done. But as things continue to be restored, there will be death. There will be a removal of those, some who opposed, and touched sacred things. Because with the restoration shall come reversals, removals.

You call it November, I call it numb-vember because some still don’t believe but you will see. The stones are beginning to role, the agendas are crumbling, and the hail stones gather, but My hand strikes like lightning in the voice of thunder, says the Lord.

I’m seeing the strangest thing. I’m seeing somebody, a very high-profile person laying in a hospital bed and they don’t want you to know about it because they’re trying to cover up.

I see the tumbling of rocks, the moving of a hill, a mudslide. And I see the plans of the enemy being covered and absolutely obliterated. Keep your eyes on Pennsylvania. Keep your eyes, the devil may have went down to Georgia but God says My Spirit rests there, I’m about to show something in there too. I’m about to bring and ring the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania. And while I’m at it I’m going to smack Wisconsin and Michigan together and there’s going to be a sound of cracking as truth is exposed and revealed.

It’s the craziest thing, I see what looks like people scrambling to make a change governmentally. I’m talking about those who stole. They’re trying to make a change, trying to bring about a change. But right about that time, will come a great disruption. And I see the hand of God coming with such vengeance.