Feb 7, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 29, 2023, where it has been declared that healing power is coming to the church and to this nation! The Spirit of the Lord has decreed that a supernatural preservation is being released upon the people so that the agenda of the enemy to steal, kill, destroy – even the evil deeds of governments and pharmaceutical companies – will be stripped of their power to harm. 

Rejoice as it has been prophesied that God Himself is raising up His standard and treading over the serpent’s agenda!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman January 29, 2023 11:30AM Sunday Worship Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

Do you remember, says the Spirit of God, when the people of Israel began to murmur and complain? And they struck out with their mouth, and Moses and Aaron? And they’re gone. And serpents came and bit the people, and many died because of the plague. Yet my words were given to Moses to take the very thing that bit them, a serpent; and put the serpent upon a pole, a standard it was called, and so this is what I speak at this time. There has been much that the enemy, the serpent has been speaking, has been doing to the innocent and brought harshness, affliction upon the people of the earth. And yet I say, as the serpent was placed upon the standard, the pole, and those who would look to the serpent upon the pole would be healed for this represented the Christ who became the curse that the serpent’s power would be broken and the people would be healed.

I speak this because of what the enemy has done to divide this nation. There is a healing coming to my church and to this nation. There is healing power coming to the just and the unjust. And there is healing and wholeness and preservation coming to those who injected themselves with what they fear now in vaccinations. God says, it’ll lose its power and there will be a preservation and those who on purpose sought to harm you, to steal, kill, and destroy. Even pharmaceutical, God says they shall have no power as the serpent represented on the pole, that their power, the power of the enemy, the power of what was meant to bite them, to destroy them, had lost its way. And your enemies, they say it’s not working. But watch, God says in the future, they destroyed the image of the serpent that was upon the pole, upon the standard, and they destroyed the serpent. And the only thing that remained, says the Spirit of God, was the standard.

Listen, I speak to you with those who have ears to hear. What they have tried to do, their agenda to steal, kill, and destroy, even in governments, in your elections, your body, your pharmaceuticals, even in vaccinations as the serpent, the image was destroyed. These things shall be placed under my feet. Therefore watch, watch the shaking of the literal soil of the earth. It shall intensify. And remember, it’s my feet resting upon the serpent’s agenda. And as the serpent, the image was broken and the only thing that remained was the standard, the pole.

God says, lift up your hands now and I will raise up my standard when the enemy has come in like a flood, and I will raise up my standard against him, says the living God. And you will see that I have not been silent. I have not withdrawn my hand or my power. But now watch my feet as the earth will reveal that my feet have come harsh upon the head of the enemy, upon the serpent’s head, and I am shaking it. Therefore, the soils of the lands shall shake greatly.