Oct 10, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Thursday, September 14, 2023, during FlashPoint Live at the Opening the Heavens Conference in Council Bluffs, IA where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that He is in the midst of a deep cleansing that shall go deeper to bring all of the corruption and what has been done in secret to the forefront. Watch the record-breaking, wet snow and abundance of rain as a sign of the deep cleansing that is taking place.

It has been prophetically decreed that as we enter into the Jewish New Year, this will mark a season of imprisonment for those who have been truly guilty. For those who have been falsely accused and wrongly entrapped in the snares of the enemy, the shackles shall be broken off of them! 

Rejoice and celebrate as the Lord of Hosts has declared that He’s bringing a great disruption that will go down as one of the greatest acts in our modern history to deliver justice and divine rest for His people! 


Prophetic Word: Speaker Pastor Hank Kunneman September 14, 2023 Thursday 7:00PM FlashPoint LIVE/Opening the Heavens Conference
Location: Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs, IA

This is a night that you have declared that you want to hear from the people for even as it was, says the Spirit of God, that a nation stood at the place of a red sea. And they looked and some said, let us go back for it was better that we go back to the ways of Egypt and that we would die there than to die in this place. And they doubted the plan. They doubted the man. They doubted the prophetic word that I had given to my vessel, Moses, and through the lips of Aaron. And there are some today, says the Spirit of Grace, that have doubted the words that I have shared at this time, not only through my written Word, but they have doubted it through my servants, the prophets.

And yet this nation stands in a place where it seems as though, as it was with Israel that day at the Red Sea that the Pharaoh and his army would pursue. And it seemed as though that the nation was not only at a standstill, but Israel would be lost. And this has been the mindset, this has been the fear, this has been the anxiety of many that have been in this nation. They have said, God, do you not see the pursuits of the wicked? Do you not see that which seeks to overtake us and even our children?

Yes, I have watched. Do you think that I have stood back from my throne and not been involved? Do you think that I would not answer? Oh, God says, I spoke to Moses, and I said unto him, look, lift up your rod. Why do you cry unto me? Lift up your authority and crossover. And this is the word that I speak unto you this hour for it is the time that I have set traps as I set the trap for Pharaoh, for he thought even in his own pride that the Red Sea opened at the power of his own might and that which he worshiped; but I caused him to be a fool. And I will cause those who thought that they could steal this country, that they will begin to be drowned with the foolishness of what they have thought.

Therefore, pay attention to the word water, for the Spirit of God hovered in the day of darkness, in the day of creation, when the earth was without form and void, and darkness filled the earth and the Spirit of God hovered over the fountain of the deep. The Spirit of God says, watch the water. Watch the waters for there is a countering that I am bringing at the power of my hand at this time. And there will be heavy, heavy, heavy, wet snow. And they will say, what is this that has been measured in records that we have not had in our record books before? For it is not light snow. It is heavy, heavy, wet snow. And then there will be that which shall come by way of rain, and it shall come into the areas that the enemy thought that he could bring drought and he could bring harshness. But God says, I will bring a rain that shall come and begin to be watered upon this nation again. And this will be a sign as you see the snow, as you see the wet snow, that I am bringing more cleansing. Deep cleansing that shall go deep this time and bring corruption to a level and to a place that you have not seen it before.

God says, watch, watch. They speak of prison. They speak of jail. There shall be that which shall be a freeze in you, Atlanta. It shall freeze in you, Georgia, for I will cause that which you think that you shall do to bring about house arrest, to bring about that which you shall seek to do by way of bracelet, ankle bracelets. God says, do not make me laugh. For you have absolutely tried to come against those who have been innocent, who have stood for this country that belongs to me. Therefore, I shall cause there to be a freeze and I will stop your efforts. And as it was in the days of Joseph, as it was in the days of Peter and of Silas and of John, oh God says, I open the prison doors, I speak and I say, watch, it shall be the year, it shall be the season as the Jewish New Year strikes, of prison. You say, oh God, please tell me that the innocent shall not go. God says, no, I will show you the power of my hand that shall absolutely free those who they thought that they could ensnare with their traps, with their lies, with their indictments. And if I can break the shackles of their eyes, Peter, I shall cause those who have stood before your nation that you have been afraid of, the shackles of indictments shall fall, but the prison doors shall swing and close upon those that have been truly the guilty, says the Spirit of God.

I heard the Lord just say something very strong in my spirit. I’m going to turn it back over to you, Pastor Gene. He said, I’m going to speak more about this to us, but he wants to give you a hint of something that’s about to happen. As He said, when the nation of Israel stood there that day and it looked hopeless. And some of you think that America and the condition of our nation looks hopeless because of the pursuit of wickedness and an enemy that is trying to destroy our country, yet God did something and this is what He’s about to do. He’s about to bring a great disruption that will go down as one of the greatest acts in our modern history of what the Lord does to bring His justice and it will be swift and it will be powerful. And celebration shall fill the streets. Amen.