Prophecy: New Seasons and New Streets

Jun 15, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy below.

Pastor Hank Kunneman June 7, 2020

Lord of Hosts Church | 11:30AM Sunday Service



Are you ready, says the Spirit of the Living God, for a new season, a new hour, a new day, and new streets in your nation, the United States?  For there was a time when there was one named Saul who thought he was justified and right to act out in vengeance and in violence, but there was something that took place upon a road, a street, Damascus.  I appeared and I spoke, bringing his pride down low and knocking him off his high horse.  This shall take place once again.  Do not think that the streets of your city belong to the enemy, for there shall be conversions, unusual conversions, unusual appearances that I will manifest myself to some who are living and choosing to act by the sword.  They look through the lens and they speak to the cameras and they stir up violence and lawlessness, these I will choose and appear, and they shall become my evangelists.  When they speak for me there shall be a different message, a different cause, and a different sound because the heart has been touched.

I’ve said to you to look for the sign of the thunder of my speaking. I have said to you to look at the sign of the lightning and I’ve displayed it and I will continue.  I said to look to the sign of the wind and great winds will blow over your summer and storms will seek to arise.  Where are my watchmen for you shall say, ‘No you don’t!’  There shall be hailstones that shall break records as there shall come an alignment of certain regions and territories that shall be brought to order.  But do not fear because I give this nation magnificent signs of the rainbow. You will see magnificent displays, the brightness of the rainbow and double rainbow; and you will ask, ‘but why?’ because I want my people to look up and I want you to see that in the rainbow are the colors that I created because all color is important to me, says the Living God.  It is why my rainbow stands as a sign of covenant; my covenant to you, but also my covenant to this earth!

Therefore, look to the rainbows that appear, the magnificence of their sights shall be staggering to show the earth and this nation that I am the one that shall bring the nation together in an amazing way that shall cause men to ask, ‘How did this happen?’  Look up and let me show off so that you will know, as I’ve said to you, the streets and the cities as you see them today are not the streets and the cities of your future.