Prophecy: New Currency, Justice, One Day Event

Mar 30, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophetic word released on March 21, 2021 regarding God’s agenda for this season. God will do something unusual in one day!

Father, let there be a sound of the abundance of rain. And let this be a sign unto those who think that God has closed the heavens at this time over the United States. Let this be a sign of the open heavens. That is not only pouring down the abundance of natural rain, but it’s pouring down blessings upon those who’ve had to endure a harsh season. But the harsh season, says the Spirit of God, is coming to a close. You say, how can a harsh season come to a close when it looks as though things are getting darker? Did you forget what I said, when I said that there is a revolution that is upon you United States? And it is a revolution of my light that overcomes darkness, and my light shall prevail. My truth shall prevail. My justice shall prevail. My righteousness shall prevail, and I shall do something very soon, for it has already begun.

Do not say, God when shall you act? God, when shall you move? I have already begun and it is in process, but it shall accumulate. It shall build and what shall begin to break forth shall cause mouths to drop open, as there will be first information that shall be revealed, and men shall say, is this true? Did this really happen? And God says the evidence and the information that is about to come. And not just be revealed to you United States, but shall be revealed to the world. The media will say, this is misinformation. This is conspiracy. But God says, listen, the spirit of truth shall prevail in this time, and so shall the evidence and the things that have been done in secret shall come to the top, and the light shall expose the darkness and the dark deeds. This is the time that I’m speaking of, says the living God. It is not the time of darkness. It is not the time of the end, of all things.

But it is the time, says the Lord, of my great showing off, my great showing up, and I will prove to the scornful, I will prove to the mocker, I will prove to the scoffer, I will prove to the doubter. I will prove to those who have said, this shall not happen, that this, that I speak of is about to bring forth and a great celebration shall not only be upon you United States, but it shall reach the World what I’m about to do. For I will take away the old. That I may establish the new and the new era, new currency, new revaluing, new generation, new laws, overturning of that which they thought they could do. This is a new season that my people shall rejoice.

There shall be strange sights, that shall be in the heavens. Strange sights and sounds shall continue throughout the earth. Do not be alarmed. Do not be afraid. As there will be sounds that you will say, and they will say, what is this? Where is this coming from? What is happening within the sky? What is happening within the soil? I am shaking the heavens. I am shaking the Earth. I am shaking the sea and the dry land. And so watch the sounds of the movement of my feet and of my hosts. That are doing, at this time, the carrying out of my plan. Therefore, there shall be very quickly upon you, the season of what shall be known in the Earth as removal. And with the great removals that will take place. I will establish my plan. I will establish my faces for those plans, and I will establish what my agenda has been to make this nation great. For this is the season that you are in. Do not be alarmed of those who are already are removed from the Earth and it will be known and revealed, those that shall be removed from their place.

Do not be alarmed, even as the stench of death begins to fill the airwaves, of those who shall be brought to justice. Those who shall turn upon their own sword. And there should be a great fleeing that shall take place, as it was in the days when the Egyptian army realized that there was a supernatural intervention of God that had come. And they said, we must run for their God fights for them. You will see with your eyes that I am, and I shall fight greatly for justice. I shall fight greatly for righteousness, and I shall fight greatly for this nation, says the Lord. That there’ll be a great running, a fleeing to hide. But God says, where can you hide? What rock can cover you? What lie do you think that you can cover yourself with? Well, this is the time of great exposure, but of great removal.

The Lord says quit putting your time frame on it. Quit identifying your day. But know that I have planned this year. To be a year that I have declared that you will see 2021. There shall be, and there will be continual victories, and yes, there will be some fights and I speak, God says, spiritual fights, but there will also be that which they will try to resist and they’ll try to cover up what I’m going to continue to reveal and to expose. But God says, they are kicking against me now. Something very unusual will happen. Mark it down. Where you will see that God did something in a day. And there will be a significant event that will go to, there will be two specific events that will happen in one day. One will happen in the morning. And one will happen in the evening, just before the turning of another day. And you will say, look at these two significant events that have happened in one day. And God says, yeah, and when you see this, you will understand that I am breaking off the reproach. The iniquity, the plan, and the hold of the enemy in one day. And you’ll see it in your morning, and you’ll see it in your evening, and it shall make up one day. But it shall be a sign of the deliverance that I am bringing upon the nation. But not just you United States, but for the nations of the Earth, says the living God. Come on, shout.