Prophecy: Nation Restored and United

Aug 1, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

This nation will not be given over to bondage. This is the hour of God’s freedom. Watch this powerful prophecy released on August 1, 2021 by Pastor Hank.

Come on. I see specific targets and specific people that are being targeted by God now. Some have been given a space and a time to repent. But they refuse. Now demands the hand of justice. You have seen what it looks like in a nation to divide it, to destroy it, and to bring confusion in this time. Yet I say to you, watch and behold what a nation looks like when it is restored and united. For this is and has been my plan. 

Therefore do not be moved by the explosion. Do not be moved by the great fire. Do not even be moved by the fires that shall increase and the heat that shall arise even greater upon the nation. For I spoke to you ahead of time, and I said that these things would come and that this would be a summer of heat. This is not to cause fear, but instead to show you that things are in fact heating up in this nation. And the plan that I have purposed for this time, is not to allow this nation to be given into the hands of those who would yoke it through bondage. For this is the hour in the season of my freedom. 

Therefore, you shall see it. And be reminded, for in the days when the fire was turned up in the furnace, and the smell, and the smoke. Look around, what do you see? God said it caused the 4th man to to appear and so some only see the fires in the natural. Some only see the fires of things that have heated up politically. Some only see the fires of things that cause division and confusion. But the Lord says, do you not see the bigger picture? That I am arising in this time. And in the days of division when the Red Sea was parted and it was upon the right and upon the left, the waters. What did I do in the midst of division, and what can I do in the midst of the division that seems to reign within the land of the United States? God says, remember what I did? I saved the nation Israel when the waters were divided. And so it is my plan, and it is in process. That, even though it may look divided and it may look dark and the fires rage and the Heat, things are heating up. There is a plan in place to not only drown the enemy like it was with the Army of Egypt and their Chariots and their horses too. 

But watch, pay attention now. There shall be cases that shall be brought to the courts. And there will be men, and there will be women that will gather upon the right and upon the left, and they shall shout some and say, is it enough? Have we not taken this nation through enough of the lies? Of fraud? But yet God says, they shall gather then upon the right and the left and say, wait, wait, wait. There is too much evidence. There is too much that is not suggestive but is facts of how this election has been stolen and manipulated. And God says there shall come even some because of the fear of my hand and the pressure of my thumb, that shall force them to talk. And shall force them to change, and they shall side upon the side to say, we will now speak, and we will say what took place. These things must happen now. So that the new faces of this new era may be rightfully positioned in place by the power of my hand. Do not say from your mouth. That this is the new norm.

Come on. I just saw. I saw a piece that they were trying to put that looked like legislation. With mandate mandatory. And they were gonna push once again. Their COVID lie. But I for some reason I saw a bunch of hands grab a hold of this, this legislation, and they began to. Like almost, some grabbed a hold of it to try to push it through, and others began to oppose and as a result, it ripped in two. Something is being stirred up in the nation of America. You what? We sang about breakthrough, we sang about the Lord stepping in. But you know what it is? There is a righteous rebellion that is rising among the people that are saying, We will not allow our freedoms to be taken from us. This is My spirit says the living God. Come on. Lift up your voice.