Mar 29, 2023 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out these powerful prophetic words by Pastors Hank And Brenda Kunneman on March 2, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that His spirit is bringing a restraint to halt the forces of darkness and the might of men! 

Pay attention to two key signs in this season as proof that God is canceling the plans of the enemy and pouring out His goodness to reset and restore the earth. These two signs are: 

  1. Those who are aligned with the agenda of hell will threaten and attempt to carry out their plans, but then they will back down as their efforts fail. 
  2. A great number of people will surrender and will call upon the name of the Lord for salvation. It will be shocking to see how many profess Jesus as their Lord!

Be encouraged and continue to stand strong in your faith as God has declared that He is investing in His people with His goodness in this season!


Prophetic Words Spoken By Pastors Hank & Brenda Kunneman, March 2, 2023
Location: Dallas TX – Daystar TV “Heart for the World”


There was a divine acceleration that took place,” the Spirit of God says, “this is the hour, and this is the time now that I’m moving among the earth. And man is looking and they’re saying, ‘Look at the signs, there are earthquakes.’” And God says, “This shall increase for the intensity of the shakings, of the soil of the earth will intensify. Pay attention to where this happens. There shall be even winds and the intensity of the winds that will blow and there shall even be frightening things that will come by the military and might of the nations of the earth. But,” God says, “do you trust in horses? Do you trust in chariots? Do you trust in the might of men? Or do you trust in me? I am the God that brings forth restraint! And so men speak of signs and they look to the things that they see in the natural.

“But I say to you in this time,” says the Living God, “that there are going to be two key signs that I will show that will reveal that my goodness is passing by at this time. And in this hour, one shall be as it was in the day that I stood before Pharoah and his army, who thought that they could take over a nation; that they could once again take over Israel and enslave them. But I stood in the midst, in the pillar of fire, and I stood in the midst in the cloud by day. It was my spirit that restrained the forces of darkness. It was my spirit that restrained even the might of men. And once again, my spirit shall bring a restraint. Do not become fearful when they speak of war, when they speak of things at this time to preempt the times.

“My spirit is standing to restrain. And you will be shocked at how they will threaten and then they will back down. You will be shocked at things that will fail even though it will look like they will launch and seek to do this and to do that. But the other signs shall be, watch this,” the Spirit of God says, “I will change the hearts of men for it is I that is bringing an awakening. It is I that is bringing a visitation. And if I could cause 3,000 to be saved on the day of Pentecost and then 5,000, and great multitudes and great numbers to be saved; I am passing by the earth, and I will pass by your families and you will be amazed at those who will surrender and will call upon the name of the Lord to be saved. And this is how there shall come my goodness that shall be demonstrated. There will be the salvation of souls and my goodness that shall lead them to repentance. That you will see heart changes which will cause things to be reset in the earth and a reprieve and a rest shall come. You will see it with your eyes, and you will know that this has not been by the might nor by the power of man, but it’s been by my spirit,” says the Living God.



And so, the Spirit of God even says, “Right now, I am the spirit that is investing in your household for I am even bringing a divine impartation of my goodness in your home. Even right now, let me move among you,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “For even in this season and in this time when the enemy has been harsh upon my people and pressured and pushed and pushed back and silenced and censored. So,” the Spirit of the Lord says, “watch what I do among my churches. Watch what I do among my people. Watch how I even invest in the greatness of my churches. For,” the Lord says, “I’m about to put the church on the map. And” the Lord says, “I will even do this among your families, your children, your sons, your daughters, and you shall see my goodness pass before you and it shall happen quickly and it’ll happen in this time,” says the Spirit of Grace.