Prophecy: Media, Supreme Court, Election

Oct 16, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Powerful prophecies came forth on October 4, 2020 regarding New Era, Media, Supreme Court, United States, North America, Canada, Election, President, Vice-President and so much more.  Watch the prophecies here:

For the word. For the word became flesh and dwelt among men, yet they did not recognize when the word was made manifest in flesh. They did not understand what the God of Heaven had sent, by the way of his son. Yet, this purpose was the son of God manifest. To destroy the works of the enemy and to make now, listen, a public display triumphing over them in it. Once again, it’s the earth. It’s crying out. Hungry for the move of God, thirsty. Yes, this earth that was created by the creator Himself, the Lord God Almighty.

And once again, the Earth is waiting for the manifestation of the son of God among the sons of God, with groanings travails. They longed for the manifestation of the Son of God through the Sons of God. But why? So that there may be once again a triumph of victory over the powers of darkness, who has caused the Earth and this nation, the United States to rage. Yet I say to you, when the son of God was made manifest, there was a public display of triumph. And I speak this now to those who are in fear, to those who have listened and looked at the things that are currently happening in the Earth. The heathen raging, the streets filled with chaos and violence and unsettling among the land. And in your government, you watch as I’ve declared, you are in a new era. And I said to you, the sign would be that there would be a passing of a former president, and the soil of your land would shake.

Pay attention. There shall be a visible death. That shall once again strike the media. And they shall say, what is this? Hell shall say, What do we do now? Not again. But it is to speak of a passing away of an old, and a welcoming of a new era that I have promised. And with this new era, watch. Pay attention. The soil of your land United States shall shake. It shall tremble. There shall be tremors. As a sign that what has been sowed into the very soil of this land evil. Diabolical things that have been grievous and a stench shall be exposed and broken. And there is the breaking of a generational cycle of evil, that has been upon this land, but there is a new day arising among the children, and yes, they shall breathe.

They shall laugh. They shall run outside of the womb, because something new publicly, a public display, shall take place as the domino is set in place upon your Supreme Court. That shall topple the laws of abortion upon the land, throughout the land, from the high places to the states. You shall see the new publicly. Watch your streets. Watch the public meeting places. Why is it that there has been a shift and they shall say where is the rioting? Where is the violence? Where is the racism at the level that it has been in a prior season? Because God says my pattern is always to take away the old to establish the new. And there will be new streets, the highways and the byways of your cities shall be filled with gatherings of worship prayers. The parks, the public places, and sports as you know it now, shall not be the sports of your future.

For in the season that is coming of the new. They so gather they will worship, they will be the naming of the name of the Lord among them. You say this is impossible. When the new came, the word made manifests the son of God, establishing a new covenant in the Earth. They rejected it. They did not understand, but yet the new took place. There will be some who will deny that it would be possible that even upon your court called Supreme. That there will be this mother that I have risen up, will gather with her hands to others upon the courts, and they shall pray. And they will speak the name of the Lord. This is the new court that shall begin to arise, and I’ll shift it two more times. Your schools, your universities, the public meeting places shall be filled with the sounds of those who will worship and speak the name of the Lord. Even at Christmas, yes, in this nation.

Look closely. There would be a sign of the Manger Scene. You say this isn’t possible. This cannot happen. Yes, it shall happen. That it will be celebrated and brought out before the whole nation, where the name of Christ shall be honored in his birth and his life. Is it possible that there shall be a new house that arises? And a new Senate in your future? Yes, there would be some toppling, some turning over, and some staying of the same. But Republican and Democrat as you know it, shall shift and so dramatically change in the new era and season that I say to you.

For they will reach across party lines and they will say, we seek for a unified nation. We seek for something new. We seek for the healing of this land. And God says you will see that they will join hands and yes, they will pray in public and this will take place even before sessions. You say, Impossible! I said to you, the son of God, is rising once again to make a public, a public, a public, a public display. And so I shall, and look to your secular universities, look to your secular schools, look to the secular places of your communities, look to the public places, and I shall manifest. And I shall triumph once again, says the living God in the new era that is upon you. Now celebrate, says the Lord. Come on.


This has been the year of the mouth. Now God shall speak. God shall speak, God shall speak, and his voice shall be honored. He shall roar out of Zion, and nothing will stop him. And they will see attack after attack, attempt after attempt, to remove what he has placed in this land and in the office too of President. Everything that they have connived and tried to stop and to utter a lie, to create discourse, deception. How is it that he stands once again in the land? Disease thought we’ve got him. God says no, I will show as I did with the washing of the feet of Peter. They will see that what I have placed in, shall not be taken out, because of my agenda that shall go forth in the nation.

For something greater than all the bickering and the fighting and the arguing, it is the harvest that I shall get from my son, says the living God. And I will break the generational cycle of evil; abortion, lawlessness, and secular humanism, shall shift. As I shall speak. And utter my voice. And they will see that the God of preservation has preserved before, and through, and after your election. And that New is upon the earth, and New is upon this land. Do not fear, I have not forsaken you. I have not forgotten you, says the Lord, United States. Canada too. Mexico, I have not forgotten you, for I have declared I will call you and I speak to you from my throne. You are North America the great, says the Lord.

Therefore, I shall shake you, Canada, until the stench of your corruption shall be before you with great embarrassment, that I will cause a shortening of terms and length of days of elected officials. That there may be an establishing of the new and a righteous rebellion, and a righteous thing that shall rise up upon you, Canada. Do not fear United States, for the enemy is trying like hell to put a woman in power, but this is not the appointed time. Therefore, watch and see. For I am going to secure the courts that I may secure the plan, I may secure the process, and I may secure the victory that shall arise through your election, says the living God. And there shall be disruption, dissatisfaction, divisiveness, but it shall not last a long time, for you will fight and you will respond and react to my plan.

My plan shall stand in the land, for I have held on, and I’ve been silent until this time. Now is the time I shall arise, and the earth will know that I am the Lord. There will be those who have criticized, who will say but Lord, now I see. I am sorry for what I have believed. Because they will see the goodness of the Lord upon the land of your living United States. And what I do shall stop a diabolical plan that has been set for your January to cause the economies of the Earth to go a different direction. And so they have met, and they are counting on not a man to be elected, but a woman, the woman to be in power. To reset, to control the currency of the Earth. This I will strike, and strike, and strike, and to those says the Lord. Who have said, now is the time that we will see and celebrate the demise of this nation. I laugh.

For you will see that your God arises and shall arise, and arise again and again, and again and again, until you realize that I have released an anointing of preservation upon your United States. That my mercy governs you. And governs this man and my plan too. And think it not strange that the vice president, shall be seen greater in command out front. In this season of time now. Because my hand is upon that man too, and the agenda that shall rise in this nation, in the years and the months to come, says the living God.

I keep seeing a window open between October 15th and the 20th. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention to those five days. Pay attention. Pay attention. Thank you, Lord. Thank You, Lord. Let everything be exposed. Thank you, Lord. Call upon your hand. Call upon your hand and Jesus’ name. Lord.

In the hospital where the president is at. I know that people won’t believe it. But I will say it anyway. He has been discussing and talking with you. And like Hezekiah, he’s saying, God But I’ve got to continue to work. I’ve got to continue to bring good, remember the good that I have done. There is a safety, President Trump. To those who are in power, and it is to avoid pride. Less like Nebuchadnezzar, they are found. Brought to humility, eating grass. The accomplishments of the nation are not yours, even though they have been through your hands and administration, they are the work of God’s agenda. Therefore your heart has been humbled. You were pulled off of the trail for safety. Of those who desire to harm you. Yet you have spoken in your heart and said like Hezekiah, remember the good that I desire to do and that I have done. And an extension was given to Hezekiah, 15 years in a reversal and a resetting, and this too, upon your release from the hospital shall signal a reset and a reversal upon this land in this nation too. And it shall signal an extension that shall span this election and the next 2-3 elections of 12 years.

That my hand will gloriously be seen upon the land of the United States. But I needed access, President Trump, says the spirit of God. For you to call out. To humble yourself and to give me access. That my agenda may be strengthened, accelerated, and accomplished, says the living God.