Prophecy: Let Us Pass Over To The Other Side

Apr 14, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy video below!  God is speaking a contrary word to that which is creating fear. He is instead creating and bringing forth His agenda. This is the decade of difference and God has not changed His mind about His agenda. God has not forsaken the United States and He shall carry this nation.

Do not fear those who have lost work and have lost business. God is going to accelerate this nation. They say “recession, depression” – but God speaks “acceleration”.

Watch the push of God’s hand through spring, summer and into fall!  Look to your stadiums, schools and universities. God’s agenda has not changed. Look to the medical field. Healing cures and medical cures shall outweigh what the enemy tried to bring by way of pandemic and plagues.

This prophecy was spoken on April 10, 2020.


Spirit of God says, I stood upon the shore as the son of God spoke I was there. And he declared and said these words, the Risen Christ let us go over to the other side. Let us pass over. This that was spoken by Jesus is the words that are being declared unto the Earth to you, United States at this time. Get in agreement with the counsel of the Almighty that speaks to you at this time and says, let us pass over to the other side. I speak this at this time. Because this is my intent and my agenda, as I shall strike the earth. Watch what shall begin to take place. As that which has been center stage, will receive a strike of my hand. Then an acceleration shall begin to take place upon this earth of my agenda, but I speak to you United States.

Listen carefully, to what I’m about to say to you says the Lord. For in the days when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was without form. It was void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. Yet the Spirit of God began to move. Did you notice? Says the spirit of God, that in the time that it was dark, in the moment of darkness, there was a movement of the spirit that began to take place? And this is what I speak to you that have been in fear and anxiety. Wondering what does the future hold? But I did something else. There was a decree, Let There be Light! For this was a countering of the condition of the Earth. I speak this at this time because once again I speak contrary to the condition of your Earth.

Some have cooperated with the spirits of fear and with the rhetoric of this time, and they are speaking words that are not of my hand, they are not of my heart, and they are not of my spirit. Therefore, I speak a contrary word to that which has created fear, anxiety, confusion, says the Spirit of God. For when I spoke and declared let there be light. There was the dividing, there was the creating out of nothing. I began to create and I am creating and bringing forth my agenda. Watch and do not fear those of you who have lost work. Businesses, businessmen, entrepreneurs, those who have businesses, and even those who have small businesses. Listen to me as I speak to you, says the Lord. For did not the Christ come? To those who were fishermen, those who had their own business, and taught them how to gather the fish supernaturally to where their nets broke. Do not think for a moment that I will excuse myself from this planet at this time. Do not think for a moment that I have forsaken you, United States.

For I say at this time, as I walked with the fishermen of old, I shall walk with you, and I shall carry this nation, contrary to what they say. If I can cause my spirit to come upon Elijah the Prophet to outrun the chariot of Ahab. If I can cause when I stepped into the boat to accelerate the disciples to the other side, I can accelerate and I will accelerate this nation at this time through your economy, says the spirit of God. I can do what I have promised. Do not tell me, that I do not know the condition of the earth, but I speak a contrary word in the midst of that which they say recession depression, I speak acceleration says the spirit of God.

And I have already told you. And I tell you again. I spoke to you previously and I said in the fall of 2020. There would be a great fall. I spoke to you a double meaning. That you would know when the fall of 2020 would arise upon you. That you would see the meaning of what I am saying. It shall be a great fall says the spirit of God, and there shall be a great fall. I spoke to you ahead of time. And I said that this would be known as the decade of difference. I have not changed my mind. I have not forsaken this planet and I have not forsaken you, the United States. Yet men have risen. And they have attacked some of my vessels. Who have spoken a plan that declared that I would interject my hand and I have and I shall continue.

Therefore, what I have said, regarding this decade of difference, I said to you look at your stadiums. I would fill them with mass gatherings that shall worship and declare, Yeshua! Look to the young, for they would arise in the stadiums. This shall continue. I said, look to your schools for I will gather the children. I will gather them in the Elementary, I will even invade the universities. This shall continue, says the spirit of God. That prayer and the decreeing of the name of Yeshua shall be in the schools, upon the school grounds, and shall be allowed for Jesus shall be declared, and his name says the Lord. This shall not change.

I said look to your medical field for there has been a virus that has sought to bring sickness and death. And so there are some thinking and some speak. But Lord shall not this arise the second time and another pandemic. Listen to me says the spirit of God. This decade that I’ve declared to you shall not always be the way that it has started off. Yes, there will be challenges. Yes, hell shall try to arise, but the light and what I do shall be greater and shall counter the works and the forces of darkness. Therefore healing cures. Medical discoveries shall outweigh what the enemy shall try to bring by way of pandemics and plagues. This is not the future of your decade. I said to you that I would grab a hold of the airwaves, and they would be forced to say what I want them to say. This has not changed since the spirit of God. For I am shaking and I will continue to shake until there is truth. For watch your airwaves. They will attempt to continue to speak lies, to think that somehow they can stop my agenda, this administration, and what I have planned for the next five years. Do not make me laugh.

You’ve tried, and you’ve tried, and you’ve tried to counter my agenda. But I counter you, and you shall see that you are not just wrestling against unseen forces. But you are wrestling against my hand. Therefore. This decade of difference that I have promised. Shall continue to be accelerated. Watch the acceleration and watch the push that shall come from my hand to push you through your spring months through your summer months into a great fall. And I will do this that no man shall receive the glory, but I alone. Because there is something greater that I am looking at than your politics. Something greater that I’m looking at, than what is taking center stage in this virus. And it is the harvest. That the son of God bled and died for. And this harvest shall not be interrupted. Therefore, I say to you again. Let us pass over and let me strike, strike, strike, strike. Come on.