Prophecy: America’s Covenant With God

Nov 16, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word that was spoken on November 15, 2020.

Come on, come on. I want you to prophesy over the United States of America over this election. Come on over the courts, over every vote, over every recount come. Lion of Judah. Come on. I want him to roar through the drums. There is a sound of breaking. There is a sound of stripping the enemy of his power and his agenda. Come on, come on. Yes. Hey, do you hear the sound? Come on. Come on. The strings on the guitar come on. Come on. Let there be a sound that breaks the power of the enemy right now. Come on. Come on spirit of truth. Let the lion roar and expose, expose, expose. Come on, on the bass. Come on, give me some high keys.

We’ve called this battle belongs to the Lord. The victory that to his people and to the Patriots of the United States of America. Those who have chosen life. Those who have chosen life. Come on their voice shall be heard. Their vote shall be counted. Come on God, those that stood up for you and thy name, Yeshua. Let the lion roar. Let the lion roar. Let the lion roar, let the lion roar. Open the heaven. Come on.
Come on, stand on this land Lion of Judah. Stand on the Pennsylvania, stand over Wisconsin and Michigan, stand over Georgia, North Carolina, stand over Arizona, stand over Nevada. Open the heavens.

Come on, God. Come on, stretch forth your rod of authority everyone. Come on. It’s time for God to act. It’s time for something of God to shift this thing. It’s time for God to bring to light the hidden things. Come on. It’s time for God to strip the enemy but their intent to kill, steal, and destroy. It’s time for God to knock off the chariot wheels of the enemy’s pursuit, and to shift the momentum in favor of God and his people who chose life, who voted for life, who stood for America, It’s constitution, come on, it’s flag and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let your voice be heard, God. Move by the finger of God, move by your hand. Now it’s time. It’s time for the sea to open. It’s time for the sea to open. Time for the sea to open. Time for you to act your God.

This thing is going to shift. When I spoke to my servant Moses. I said do not fear. When I spoke to my servant Joshua and to the people of Israel, a nation, I said do not fear. I speak to the leaders at this time. Who have decided to side with the spirit of this age. I speak to those who have thrown up their hands and those even who grabbed stones and threw them at my prophets. Do not fear, says the spirit of God and those who hear my voice. As I spoke to Joshua, I speak to you. Do not fear.

For when the Mayflower and other ships were coming through storms through waves, through torment and trials, affliction. Yet I was there. When they arrived upon the shores of this land when they grabbed the sand from the beaches of this nation and the rocks of your shores, and they looked up, and they dedicated this land to me. I was there. And when they join hands with those who are already in this land and said, let us break bread and let us fellowship and let us dedicate this land not, Not to any God, but to the one true God of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yeshua. I was there, says the spirit of God. And the Lord of the church stood in the midst of this land. I was there through the inciting of a revolution. I was there when the Patriots arose and said we shall fight, fight, fight. And I caused the outcome to be a victory. I was there. I was there. When the bombs were bursting in air. And your nation was being birthed. And the sound of the Liberty Bell rang loud and clear. Announcing your Freedom, United States as you would stand as a light to the earth. I was there. And I was there when they gathered their hands, your forefathers, and entered into covenant with me, and signed the Declaration of Independence One Nation not under any God but your God. The God Yahweh, Adonai of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, I was there.

And yet I was there on the night of your election. And I knew, and I saw ahead of time, the fraud. I watched what they did with your votes. I was there. I was there as I saw men cast votes. And checked the boxes for life because I set before this nation’s life and death, I watched as you chose life. And yet they say that that was not enough. Yet they say the vote count would not bring, once again, the man that I placed my hand upon. I was there. And let me say this. I am still here. I was there. When the children who are with me, who were aborted, have been praying. Because the courts are being assembled and aligned, my destiny and agenda is being set in order. And they are praying. And they have said, God give this nation to their children. And to the courts to rule righteously and with justice, I was there. And I am standing once again. I am here. Do you agree with me?

Open the heavens. Now it’s time to strike. You are here, God.
Strike with your hand. Cut off Jezebel and their prophets.

Do you not think, that I am a righteous judge? Why do you think I would endorse injustice, fraud, theft, manipulation, and death? I am a just judge. If you are to speak. You speak my words. If you are to speak, speak my word and the words of my true prophets. If you are to speak, speak life. If you are to speak, then say oh righteous judge avenge us speedily from our adversaries, and roar from the heavens says the Spirit of the living God.

Thank you Oh Lion of Judah, Thank you, God. God Bless the United States. God bless the United States of America. God bless the United States of America. God bless the United States of America, God bless the United States of America. God bless The United States of America. Shout unto God, shout unto God!

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Thank you. That your Lord, something is happening, man, He is so strong. Move your hand now, God.

I want everybody to lift up, everybody as a prophetic act now. It’s time for God to act now. As Moses was standing upon the sea. God said, why do you cry under me? Lift up your rod. Come on right here is your rod of authority. Come on, lift it up over the United States. Lift it up over this election. Lift it up over the states over the counties. Come on, we’ll lift it up over this election. Lift it up. Come on. I want you to say this, say “Lord God, let your enemies be scattered. Open it up, move now God.” And we’re going to give you thanks. And we’re going to have January of justice. Amen. Come on, give me one more shout of praise.