May 28, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on May 19, 2024, where the spirit of the Lord has declared that He is pouring out His spirit at this time! As a result, great outpourings and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit will begin to take place even in areas where we have seen violence and evil. Watch as great salvations begin to break forth across campuses, universities, and even the highest places of government.

This is not the time for God to take away His church, but this is the time where God is showing His power and might that shall cause the nations to be in awe of Him! Look to what will take place in Israel as a sign, as God has declared that He is preserving His Holy nation and abating the plans of the enemy.

Continue to stand in the intercessory gap and pray in agreement according to the prophetic word of the Lord!


Date: Sunday May 19, 2024
Speaker: Pastor Hank Kunneman
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

You have seen in this hour what evil looks like. You have seen in this hour what demonic entities look like that operate in the earth at this time, even expressing and manifesting their agendas through men; and you have seen it on your universities, you’ve seen it even on your airwaves, you’ve seen it in your politics, in your schools, you’ve seen it, the Lord says, manifest and you’ve said, “Well, evil has reached a new height. Demonic entities are manifesting at a level we have never seen like this before.” God says, do you think that the enemy shall outdo the Lord God who has sent his spirit at this time? For I have sent my spirit in the earth, the Spirit of God is here, therefore look up and watch for there is preservation that is coming by the spirit of God. There is restraint, exposure, and there are great outpourings that will begin to take place even in the areas that you have seen evil.

Universities / Manifestations / Speaking in Tongues / Judicial System:
I speak as I shall sweep through the universities that at this time are protesting, and there shall be a still and a quiet that shall come over the universities of this land. And they will say, “What is this that has happened?” Then suddenly there shall be a noise. There shall be an utterance, there shall be manifestations that will begin to reach out across the universities and those that once had a visitation of my spirit shall once again do it and I will bypass the intellect of the Ivy League schools and cause there to be a speaking forth of my spirit and great salvations shall begin to break forth in this time and it shall sweep through your politics and I will cause there to be, yes it shall be even in the highest office of your land, it shall be the utterance of speaking in tongues and it shall come down even among the Congress and your Senate and it shall sweep through the judicial system of your nation where there will be men who say what meaneth this and you will know and you will understand that this is not the time of the war to end all things, it is not the time for me to call my church, that must arise in glory and in power, it is not the time to take you away but it is the time to show my power in such a way before the King returns that the earth will stand still and know the God of heaven and of the earth is alive.

Israel / Netanyahu:
Therefore, keep your eye upon Israel, the enemies that seek to arise for they shall come, they shall come, they shall come even upon four corners and they will seek to invade but, God says, they will threaten first and then they will seek to come up through sands but I will cause the wind to arise and I will blow dust in their face that they will be abated and they will be restrained and I will show the earth my power for they have said and they have stood and they have mocked the God of Israel and the people thereof, and I will show the earth the might of my power over a nation of people that I called, a people that I chose, and I will rise up and I will show the might of my hand that will break the armory of men and burn it with fire. You will see it as it comes through the skies. I will burn it and I will cause it to dissipate, and I will see that which comes under the ground to absolutely be exposed and their plans thereof. For now, there is a wall of fire around you, Israel, and my hand shall cover thee, protect thee, and raise you up for a time even though there should be a great divide that shall arise in your politics Pay no attention Netanyahu, you stand as my prophet and you stand as my bulwark and you shall lead Israel through a great deliverance and a great, great, great outpouring of my grace and my hand at this time, sayeth the Lord God.