Prophecy: I’m coming to you as the King of Nations!

Jan 26, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on February 26, 2017 regarding Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Europe. It has been prophetically declared that the hand of God is moving across the nations and He is revealing Himself as the King of Nations!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman February 26, 2017

10:45AM Sunday Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church _______________________________________________________________________________________

Something happened to me as I was standing upon the front row, I was trying to stand and I felt my body growing weaker, and suddenly I began to see out of what looked like two pairs of eyes, but I was looking from the inside out and I was watching what I was seeing and I said, Lord I don’t understand this, and He said “I’m allowing you to see through My eyes.”

And I said, Lord, I don’t understand what I’m seeing.  He replied to me, “I’m coming to you as the King of Nations, you are seeing what I’m about to do in the nations of the earth.”

And they kept spinning very quickly and very fast before my eyes, I saw the hand of God moving across the nations, and this is a day, a great day to be alive!


And so here is what the Spirit of God would say to two nations, listen to the word that I speak to you today, says the Spirit of Grace. I speak to you France and I speak to you Canada, and there is a French connection in what I’m about to say.  France, I’m about to cut you loose and free you to protect you, to save you.  Do not fear, France, the reforms of freedom that are coming and they are coming fast; but rather be aware what is lurking in a city that I love, and this I speak to you of Paris.  I have come to place My foot upon the enemies of your nation, France, and I’ve come to restore order and peace that the people of your land shall not fear.


O Canada, look to the United States for this that has happened in the U.S., reform and legislation change, is about to happen to you.  But do not be fooled!  For while the United States, those in this nation bicker and fight they do not understand that I came and I displaced evil spirits and did not allow others to reign in your land, United States.  But, Canada listen, these spirits have now sought to come across the border to make you soft, to wound you as 9/11 wounded the nation of the United States.  But I am standing upon your border, Canada, says the King of nations, and I say to you there is one now who has allowed spirits to whisper in his ear to do what I do not like – murder the innocent in the womb, redefine marriage, and parade yourself in haughtiness in support of things that are contrary to My way and to My Word.  So this is what I say to you, Canada, I shall reform you, I shall cause a fire to begin to burn among the youth and even among the old who remember O Canada of old, and they shall arise and there shall be a movement that shall sweep from British Columbia to Quebec, and what has taken place in the United States, whether you agree or not, is My doing in the United States and shall be My doing in Canada too.


Listen now, I speak to the United Kingdom for a moment and I speak to you Europe, you have been found with political pride that has come through men, not of mankind I speak, but men of gender.  Because of the pride that has come through the gender of men, for a season, United Kingdom and Europe you shall be ruled by the hand of women.  I will do this to bring reform and to bring humility and compassion where it is needed now.  This shall be My doing, says the Spirit who rules the nations.