Dec 12, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on December 1, 2023, where God has decreed that His presence is moving in a way that is causing the darkness to be disrupted, interrupted, and abated in this hour!

We are in a season where the Lord will cause His rainbow to appear over strategic places – places where there has been destruction, and even over historical images and monuments as a sign that He has heard the prayers of His remnant and will show the power of His covenant and His word in this time.

Pay attention to the state of California as the Spirit of the Lord is causing the state to break away from liberalism, corruption, and the agenda of Hell. Watch for the great return of the Golden State!


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman December 1, 2023 7:00PM PT FlashPoint LIVE
Location: Harvest Rock Church, 131 S St John Ave, Pasadena CA 

So it would be, says the Spirit of God, that many are gathered here tonight and those that are listening and they are saying, God we are hearing things that cause our hearts to be troubled, that cause our hearts to be in fear – is there a day of justice, is there a day of vindication, is there a time where, God, you shall come and you shall bring about a change?

And the Spirit of the Lord says that I have been speaking this and declaring this through my prophets that this is the time and this is the hour of great change for I have said and I have declared before that there has been that which has been dark, there has been that which has been gross darkness, but yet I am the god of the light and I am coming now in a way that you have not understood and I am coming in a way that shall cause the darkness to begin to be disrupted, interrupted, and abated. You will begin to see great signs even here in California, for you will look up and you will look into your clouds and say what are these strange lights, what are these lights that seem to come from the heavens even into our areas and into our cities. What is happening with these strange phenomenon’s of moving light and light that seems to have a brilliance of color that we have not seen before?

The Spirit of the Lord says, this I will show not only in the state of California, but I will show these wonders across the United States as you head into 2024, and as you are in 2024 because I will show that you have seen what darkness looks like now I will show you what portals are looking like with heaven’s invasion with my angelic forces and my light that is coming to break through the darkness, the corruption, and the evil that has come at this time.

And look now says the Spirit of God, there are those who will say is this the rainbow, is this the rainbow, is this the sign of God’s covenant? And I will cause my rainbow to be seen over historical images, you watch, God says, over historical images – you look and you will see the sign of the rainbow. You will look and you will see the rainbow in places of deep destruction, and why would it be that this rainbow will appear over places that men say is dark, is evil, is corrupt, or this is the history of our country. Because, God says, I shall remind the people that even though there is evil I have heard the prayers of a few who have cried out to me and they have said, God, would you remember your Covenant, and would you honor that which has been dedicated and given into your hands. And I have said yes, and so I will show the power of my Covenant and I will show you the power that I keep my Word and I watch over it to perform it; so look to the signs of the rainbow and it’ll not just be one. Can there be that which they say, is this a triple rainbow? And the Spirit of God says yes, because I will show something that will cause men to marvel, and they will say this is much strange.

But the Spirit of the Lord says, no, I am touching three generations, and I am raising up something that shall begin to happen. Listen to me, California, God says they have left you but there is a gold rush of a different kind that shall come, for there shall be a great return unto this state because as it was with Elijah who put and built an altar in the place of deep, deep darkness and corruption in the days of Jezebel and her false prophets, yet he set forth an altar of an evening sacrifice. I have seen your sacrifice, I have heard your prayers, I have seen the darkness, I have heard and I have seen the commotion of the false and the wrong and the evil and the corrupt in your state but yet I have also seen what I have released upon this state of the spirit of Elijah, that there are those that are standing and they are saying but we will stand for truth, we will stand for justice, we will stand for God, and we will stand for the children; and because of that stand of the few I will bring fire and I will cause there to be a shaking for they have prophesied and said California you will break away and you will go out into the sea. God says, do not make me laugh, but you will break away. You will break away from liberalism, you will break away from corruption, you will break away from that which the enemy thought that he could hold you; and there shall be a sea that shall begin to flow throughout California, and it shall be a movement of those who say we have had enough. And the Spirit of God says watch, they will not be able to steal, kill, or destroy as my hand shall come anew over you. So look to the signs, I will bring you light, I will display my rainbow and I will break the drought as I send glorious rain as a sign. It shall happen, says the Spirit of God, in this time.