Mar 29, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this strong prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 19, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that He will have His way according to HIs timeframe because of the cry of the righteous! 

We have been in a season where many of us have cried “Mayday” seeking for the Lord to bring divine intervention. God has heard our prayers, and He is answering! The Spirit of God is reminding us that just like in times of old, when He raised up leaders to help bring deliverance to a nation, those same leaders appointed by God were falsely accused by those who stood in opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven. Nevertheless, God still used His chosen leaders mightily to break the powers of darkness and restore a generation of people!

Watch and be encouraged as God is raising up His leader, President Trump, as part of His plan to bring a reset and a reversal for the nation of America! 


Prophetic Words Spoken By Pastor Hank Kunneman, March 19, 2023, Sunday Morning Service at 9:00AM
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, NE

“Lucifer, Satan, how you have fallen,” says the Spirit of God. “You have fallen. You are fallen, and you shall fall and continue to fall. You have been brought low. You have been cut down. You who seek to weaken the nations, yet, listen to me. Earth,” says the Living God, “listen to me. Those who are in fear for your enemies, kings of the earth, the heathens, they rage, they laugh at you, United States. They mock you. Yet watch what I shall do to intervene, to bring deliverance, to bring a reset, and a reversal; for I will show the earth who is the fool, and those fools shall have their day. ‘Yes, but God, what about an arrest?’ Do not make me laugh. For I speak of President Trump and 45,” says God, “I am not done with my assignment. Therefore, he shall speak loud, and he shall carry out my assignment, my way, my day, and because of the cry of your mayday. Therefore, I will intervene as I did before throughout your history.


“For there was a man, Moses, who led a nation to give them a land that would flow with milk and honey. And yet there was a pursuit from Pharaoh, his armies; and,” God says,” he even fought Pharaoh in his head. I shall wipe out this nation and I will arrest some and make them my slaves again and I will arrest Moses and I will humiliate him before my people. And yet what did I do? I opened something called the Red Sea to deliver a nation. Listen to me as I speak to you, United States. Yet there was one Joseph, and they came, and they arrested him and brought false accusation from the house of Potiphar, his wife. Yet what did I do? I raised up one who was falsely indicted, Joseph, and I caused him to bring about a liberty to their economy. And I used him in the midst of the indictment to once again use him to help the nation. What did I do when your Messiah was indicted, falsely, accused and arrested? I raised up a resurrection and,” God says, “I broke the powers of darkness. I made a public display over them and upon them, and I will do this to the heathen and to those who are speaking loudly. I will have my way, my day because of the cry of your mayday,” says the Spirit of God, “and when they threw Peter, and even Paul, into prison, what did I do?” God says, “I activated angelic assistance and I caused there to be such a shaking that nothing that the enemy could do would have any power. Are you listening to me?” says the Spirit of God. “Have you heard what I have said through these years? Have you seen my plan? And I have said my story, and I’ve changed not. Watch and see. Be comforted. It’s time.”