PROPHECY: “I Shall Rest My Case,” Says the Righteous Judge!

Jan 18, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 15, 2023 where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that there is a supernatural rest coming upon this land for His people who have suffered unjustly and been treated harshly at the hands of the enemy. Watch in this season as the Supreme Judge has declared that many things that have been hidden will come to light which will spur investigations that will lead to justice! Pay attention to the media networks and social media outlets that will change, and watch the schools for a mighty ‘put it back’ movement at the hand of the Lord. 

Be encouraged and continue to speak boldly in agreement with the word of the Lord of His plan to bring this nation and His people into a season of divine rest. 


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman January 15, 2023 9:00AM Sunday Worship Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

For you will see, says the spirit of God, what I have promised unto this nation. You will see in this land what I’ve declared would be a rest that would come because of the harshness of this beginning of decade. And this rest shall come to those who have suffered, those who have been treated unjustly, those who the enemy has deceived. There is a rest that is coming but, God says, that is not the only rest, for I shall rest my case. And as the righteous judge, who some who call upon my name think that I’ve ignored the injustice, the corruption, the evil, the things that have been done to this nation through your media, through your politics, your government, and to the people; some think that I have ignored and I am not doing anything to bring about justice. Yet this is the time that I rest my case, for I am the lawgiver. I am the judge and I am the king.


Therefore, as I rest my case, watch what begins to take place. Many things undercover will come to the light and it will not just be investigations that will lead to nothing, but there will be investigations that will lead to justice. I will pull back the curtains and I will show, as I rest my case, those who are guilty; others shall find mercy. And as this takes place in your land, know that this is the hour and the time that great disruptions and interruptions shall come, and they shall say, what is this with the satellite? What is the disruption that is taking place? And so men will look up to a satellite, but it’ll be more than just that. It will be a disruption in the heavenlies by my hand that will affect your earth and will affect your nation.


Watch as acceleration takes place, many things now will be accelerated because as I rest my hand in my case upon this nation, you will begin to see healing flow as it was in the days of Hezekiah. Not only was it a king who was healed, but the nation. And so, I speak, there are wounds that have happened within the very heart and soul of 45. Yet there is a moving of my hand upon him, and I am taking not only the anointing that I’ve placed upon him, but I’m placing it upon others and they will be raised up too in this season that I’ve rested my case that a new leadership shall arise because it is part of healing a nation that was divided, that was wounded, that was confused, deceived and harshness abound on every side.


But watch very closely, for the media that you see today shall not be what you will see in the time that is coming of rest; [the networks] there will be some sold, some will fold, others will be rebranded, and new voices shall arise. Social media, they will be bought out, exposed as you see with Twitter it shall begin to come like a fury and it will flood down on other social media outlets, and I will reveal as I rest my case how they too were part of the injustice and the corruption, and then it will not go away. I told you my thumb, my finger is driving a thumb drive that’s connected to a laptop and, God says, I will open it up even greater for the world to see.

And as my justice comes, there will be a put it back, as I’ve said before. They shall pray in their schools unto me. They will open the Scriptures and teach creation and they will teach Jesus Christ, yes in your public schools; and there will be a restoring of the Cross in the public places and even the Commandments shall be reverenced and revered again in the public places. This is the rest, as I rest my case, says the Living God.