PROPHECY: I am Releasing My Anointing that Shall Break the Yoke of Woke!

Apr 22, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful and encouraging prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman during FlashPoint LIVE in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 21, 2022. The Spirit of the Lord has declared that the Yoke of Woke is being destroyed as the winds of change are blowing across this land! God has hidden a thing in the children that shall begin to manifest across schools and campuses that shall bring about a righteous reformation!

Continue to stand in truth and boldness as we are entering into a season where the hand of the Lord is causing a divine shift where censorship will no longer be used to silence His people, but it shall now be used to cancel the agenda of hell!