Prophecy: Hell’s Agenda – Diversion, Delay and Deceit

Aug 4, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy regarding the United States, the election and the evil agenda planned. We must pray for an anointing and watch! This prophecy was released on July 1, 2020.


There is a promise, says the Spirit of God, that I have given unto this land. And I have not changed my mind, yet some think, I the Lord God somehow changed my plan because of the wicked deeds of man. That I would bring my hand and judge, and remove my agenda that I have sought for this decade and beyond.

But listen carefully, I have declared in my word, without faith it is impossible to please God. Do you think that the wicked, and the heathen who are raging, are filled with faith that moves me? Yet it is my church, my people called by my name, and there is a remnant who always moves my hand. Once again the remnant shall arise, and is rising and the numbers are increasing. Do not think for a moment that the same spirit Lucifer, Satan, who thought he could usurp his authority, and take the throne that was not given him. Let hell shake with the words that I speak to you now. Do not think for a minute, that hell has the authority or the power to take away from this nation what I have desired, says the living God.

Therefore I gather my remnant. I look, will you be numbered among those who will be numbered? Who will pray, that I may move? And Satan who fell with his pride, and those of the hosts who fell with them, foolish they were, shall be the story of what shall arise over you United States. Those who are foolish to align themselves with the agenda of hell, shall surely not have their place. Why? Because there is an anointing, and I ask you this night to pray, says the Spirit of the living God. Why could the son of God, who prayed and sought his God when they sought to kill him, when they sought to remove him, they could not tell he laid his life down?

Because there was an anointing, and the Spirit of the Lord God was upon him. Why do I say this to you at this time? Hell and those who have aligned themselves with the agenda of hell, scream to take out this administration. And they’ve tried everything. And they will try three things; diversion, delay of the election, and deceit. Yet if my people will pray, the anointing as it rested when the Son of God walked through them, they sought to throw him off a cliff, but they did not and could not prevail. Do you believe that there can be an anointing release from my people? That all the assignments and the agenda of the evil one will fall, stumble, fail, and be exposed. Pray for an anointing. Watch watch watch watch watch what I do.