Prophecy: Heavenly Renewal Coming to the Nations and Justice for the Children

Mar 15, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 13, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord proclaims His promise for peace, justice, and a heavenly renewal coming to the nations that will restrain tyrants and bring a good inheritance upon God’s people and the children.

Do not be moved by hell’s response and manifestations of the elements in the earth, for things may appear dark, but the light of the Spirit of Truth is breaking forth and the Spirit of Freedom is coming to bring a liberation like never before!

Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman March 13, 2022

11:30AM Sunday Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church



Displays / Walls Crumble / Dam Breaking / Shaking of Hands – Peace:

Let the displays, the hand of justice of God himself be made manifest now in the earth. That as the sound of justice arises in the earth, let the earth behold at the crumbling of walls, the breaking forth of a dam, the rising of the waters and of the tides too; but yet a shaking of hands for a peace where there has been battle.  Things coming to a close, but yet things breaking forth even the clouds with great torrential rains.


Rain / God’s Glory / Dry Land / God’s Promise Upon Us:   

Rain, rain, rain! Why? Why such rain? And yet, drought. Things seem backwards. Things seem to contradict. The Spirit of God says, what side of the cloud are you on? For it is the same hand and it is the same work of My glory, for to the Egyptians all they could see and contribute was that which appeared dark to them. But the same glory of the pillar of cloud and fire, yet, was a deliverance that was coming to a nation and to a people. So do not be moved by signs, hell’s response, the earth convulsing at the weight of what is and shall be. But know this, the waters were restored to dry land in the days of Noah when there were rising of waters and rains and floods and bursting forth.  When you see these signs, they are yet but signs that the dry land will appear that there shall be a heavenly renewal that is coming to the earth and to this nation because of the harshness that has been upon it, you will see it. And even so it was in the days of the Red Sea crossing, the dry land appeared to show that I already had a plan and a way to stop a pursuit of spirits of darkness using armies, using men to bring harshness to the people of the earth and I opened the Red Sea and the land appeared and they walked upon the dry land. Do you understand, says the Living God, that this is the promise – the dry land is going to appear! What do I say? Your day of deliverance, your day of justice as I dealt with Pharoah and his army as the horse and rider were drowned in the sea, this is coming and is upon us now.


Heat / God’s Inheritance:     

Dry land also was to transition them into a time of the inheritance that I promised. Therefore, do not be moved by heat as it fills the earth. And as it heats in the natural, things will be heated by the power of My hand. Why? To cool the earth, to still the earth which is why the hands will shake and tyrants will be restrained.


Taiwan / Children Set Free: 

Keep your eye upon Taiwan. Pray, for even now the enemy would love to make things look very strange, very dark, and very evil concerning Taiwan. There are children that are captive, sold, traded, trafficked, and this will be revealed among you, but among the nations. Some say conspiracy, I say you’re wrong for I have come for the children, and I have come for there shall be millstones, there shall be justice for those that have touched the children.  And God says you think the liberty is just about your constitution, your governments, the rights of your own freedom; and God says, true to a point, but it is because I am coming for the children, and I will set them free.


So lastly, do you think this is the future for your children, your economy, your schools, your government, wicked men who bring such laws to shackle the future generation?  Not so. Rather than fear the harshness of this moment, you need to rejoice because as harsh as this season has been, paraders shall be the liberation and the freedom that shall come to this nation, the nations of the earth – but your children!