Prophecy: Healings in the Streets

Jun 5, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy below!

Prophetic Words Given by Pastor Hank Kunneman May 31, 2020
Lord of Hosts Church | 11:30AM Pentecost Sunday Service

Pentecost / Streets of Gold:
Be reminded, says the Spirit of the Lord, that what took place upon the Day of Pentecost was not just about a house that was filled with the presence of God, or those who were inside the Upper Room, but that which was poured out from heaven, the Spirit of God spilled out into the streets. And as there are fires and chaos in your streets, United States, listen. At the very time of Pentecost this is not the streets of your future, or of this new decade. Must I remind the people of this land and the earth that in heaven there are streets of gold. Why do I speak this? Because streets have value, streets are important to the living God, for it was uttered by the Son of God, the Christ, to go into the streets, the highways, the byways and compel them to come in.

Jezebel – Powers Broken:
As you look to your streets, know that the enemy has had his agenda to bring chaos, to bring violence, to murder, to steal and to kill all that which represents the spirit of the murderer. But I say to you, who are afraid and confused wondering what this future and this decade brings as you look to your streets. Remember there was a day when Jezebel ruled, yet was thrown from the high and lofty place of the tower and she landed in the streets. It shall be known and recorded that the enemy’s agenda to inflict a racial war and tension in your streets, the powers shall be broken in the high place and it shall manifest like Jezebel’s body upon your streets and it shall not have the power that it has had, says the Spirit of God!

Ananias – Conversions of Hardened Hearts: Joining of hands is a Sign:
You say this is impossible? I directed a disciple of mine, Ananias, to go to one who caused great violence and murder, to go to a street called straight. Not just to straighten out the agenda of hell through a man, but to convert a man, and to change him by my Spirit, not of might or of power, to fill him with my Spirit to cause even the hardest of hearts to convert. Listen to me as I prophesy to your streets, there shall be conversion and there shall be change and it shall be that they will gather hand in hand. Men, women, the young, the old of different colors of skin, they shall gather together, even the children, and they shall join even hands with law enforcement, and this will be a sign!

God’s Healings in the streets – As God’s People Humble Themselves & Seek His Face / Change & Reformation:
There were healings, they took people’s bodies that were sick and afflicted, they took them from their homes and laid them in the streets. Why is this? So that men would understand that I’m looking for my people that are called by my name to humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways, seek my face and the same healing power that manifested to those bodies that were carried in the streets shall be the same spirit and power that not only was outpoured upon Pentecost, but will heal this land and the streets and the tensions and the divide! This I speak to you, lift up your eyes and see that my hand is sweeping across the land and there shall come a change, a reformation, says the Spirit of God!