Prophecy: Year of the Tongue; Suddenly; reversal, a removal, and a restoration

Jan 14, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch these prophecies which were released on January 10, 2021.

My people have been in fear too long, says the spirit of God. Therefore I have come to deal with the harshness of this season. But more than that, I have come to expose lies, after lies, after lies, that have been in high places of your government and in this nation. Things that they thought while they were doing it that no one was watching. Not so, I was there. And there were those who were there, who captured the evidence of what was done and has been done.

Why do you think that they say, evidence does not exist? Are they all lying? Why do you think that they do not want to see evidence that exists? Because they are afraid and the same spirits of fear. That have tried to grip your hearts in this nation are afraid of the truth. But I have said to you, that my truth shall outweigh their lies. I have said to you that my light shall outweigh their darkness. Therefore, listen to me, says the Lord. I am looking from the heavens, and I am listening to those who are speaking. And loudly they are speaking, for 2021 is not only a year of victory, but is the year of the Tongue. And I’m listening.


Are you speaking against my hand? Are you touching my servants who are standing and speaking? Are you attacking one another? I am watching and I’m listening. But are you trying to stop my agenda and my America? For I say to you and those who have doubted and have even thought for a moment that I would hand this democracy to the thievery, and to that which is of the enemy that steals, kills, and destroys.

Watch very closely. For I say to you in this time, let not your hearts be Troubled. Do not let it be afraid, for it will look as though things will go forward as is. Then suddenly it will change. And you will see that there is a God in the earth. There is a God in this nation, and no man will stand to oppose my plan. Are you ready for something about to bust? Are you ready? Well, this has been a test of your endurance. It’s been a testing of your faith. A trying of your faith. You’ve waited, now anticipate and expect where you will see suddenly My hand. And when you hear of things and when you see of things. Look closely. For you will see that I am right in the middle of the chaos that shall happen. And the events that shall take place, and a reversal, a removal, and a restoration of what I have declared, says the Lord. I write my finger in the stones. I did it with the commandments. Therefore what I said in stone. Shall stand.