Prophecy: Great Unravellings, Unusual Signs/Sounds, & New Freedom Arising

Oct 8, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives, Uncategorized

Watch this powerful prophetic word released by Pastor Hank Kunneman during Opening the Heavens Conference on September 16, 2021 regarding great unravellings, unusual signs/sounds, and a new freedom that is arising. A divine reversal is taking place now!



Do you think, says the spirit of the living God that I have forsaken or forgotten this nation? For there shall be an intensity of things that shall begin to arise upon the earth, but upon this nation. For there have been winds, there have been shakings, and there have been eruptions in the earth. But these are just natural signs, and they will increase in intensity in the months and the days that shall befall you, this earth. But it is more than that, look deeper. For I have promised that I would rescue this nation and I am. I have promised that I would give the harvest that belongs to My Son and the Risen Christ and so He shall have it. And I have promised that I would give this land, the United States, to a generation of children because of the injustices that have been done to them.

Therefore, pay attention for there shall be a great unravelling and shakings in the natural shall intensify and eruptions shall increase. This is but only a sign of what will happen to that which they have thought they could do and continue in the agenda to bring a spirit that would steal the freedoms from My people, but from the people of this land.

There is a new day and a new freedom that is arising, and you will see it with your eyes. But there will be a strange death and they will say what is this and what shall we do now? God says, I have declared from My Word that I take away the old to establish the new and so I shall, and this will be a sign that the earth may fear and tremble. For it will not just be one death but there will be others, very visible. That a great change will begin to take place in the earth, for I am the one that sets up kings and I am the one that takes them down and so I shall.

Do not think for a moment that I have turned My back upon this land, rather I have allowed you to see behind the veil of the wickedness the injustice the lies that have taken place, that the spirit of truth may reign for there is a reset and there is a reversal that is in process and shall take place upon this land. Therefore, be comforted, for you will see the hand of your God do something so unusual that men will know that My hand has done it and that I have not lifted it off of this land that I have blessed.

Do not be moved by the circumstances by the things that they want you to believe, but rather listen closely as there will be unusual signs/sounds that will fill the sky. There will be silence that will fill the air, but yet My voice will speak for I have come to place My feet upon this land that I love, says the Lord, that I will give you and your children the freedoms that they deserve.