Prophecy: Great Storms, New Faces, Turning Over of Events, Legislation, & A New Era

Dec 2, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophetic word delivered by Pastor Hank Kunneman on November 19, 2021 at Joan Hunter Ministries and the 4 Corners Conference Center in Tomball, Texas regarding great storms, turning of events, new faces, and a new era!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman November 19, 2021 7:00PM Friday Service
Location: Joan Hunter Ministries
4 Corners Conference Center ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Spirit of the Lord says, are you ready to see the new that I shall bring unto you? For there is a new season, there is a new era that is among the earth. Look with your eyes. No, I do not only speak concerning your natural eyes, but the Spirit of the Lord says, look with the eyes of your spirit, My eyes that will reveal to you that there is more of My hand and My Hosts than what is against you. Do not come into agreement with those who want you to think that I have removed My hand from off this nation, this is not so, says the Lord.

But watch very closely as there shall be, look for Me, look for Me. You say, ‘God, what do you mean, look for Me?’ Mild, mild, there shall be in places where they say that there should be harsh weather there shall be mild, mild, mild weather that shall break records. Why shall I use the weather? For the Lord says I will show that I’m the God who uses the seasons, that uses the climates to cause them to conform to My hand as this nation shall conform too.

But watch also, Me. There shall be mild and there shall be extreme and in places where they say that it is normally mild it shall seem extreme, but for a moment of time, and a great storm shall arise upon the land and it shall be blanketed with snow for I shall once again cause the earth and the nation, the United States, to see that I deal with wicked kings when it is snowing, not only in Zalmon but the United States, and I will bring another deep cleansing that will be a sign, look for Me. for there will be many chaotic things in this nation that shall suddenly shift and become mild; and there will be many things that they will not want me to touch, they do not want me to see, they do not want me to expose, they do not want me to remove, but yet I shall and it will be extreme.

Look for Me! Mild – extreme, it is the work of My hands and I will bring a promise unto this land and I will fill the house, the White House, the presidency, I will fill it with the new. I will fill the vice presidency with the new. I will fill the Speaker of the House with the new and I will bring the new to the halls of congress and to the floors of the senate and I will bring the new even to the court that you call supreme for there will be a shaking and there will be an exposing upon your court that you call Supreme and I will reveal that they have shook hands in secret. They have made deals in secret, and I will pull the covers off and they will be removed from their seats, some of them, says the Lord.

Do not tell Me that I am taking too long for you call this season autumn, but I call it a long fall, and I will take My time through your winter months, I will take My time even as the new year comes among you to do what I have planned to bring My long fall, for many shall be exposed. Things will begin to fall and fall apart.

And watch very closely, there shall be shocking turn of events and will hit even the news. For I will turn, shockingly, as the shaking comes to the networks and there will be removals but there will be new faces that will arise upon the networks that say, ‘We don’t care how much you pay us we will not lie.’

There will be a swift turning of events of things that they demand and use words like mandates, and they say, but don’t you know that this is governmental mandates? God says, ha, I laugh! If I turned over tables and I drove money changers out in my rath because My zeal, I will once again turn over laws, legislation, I will tear it apart says the Lord, that they’ll have no voice, no sound to afflict the people of this land. And I will drive out those evildoers for I will cut them off, for as My Word says they shall have their day, and God says it is coming fast.

Watch for a great turning of events as things begin to rattle, shake, roll and ultimately there shall be a turning upon one another in the shocking turn of events. Not only shall it be the media, the turning over of legislation that they say will be mandated, no, but I will show you as they turn upon one another. And God says I told you already before, that I am the party crasher and I will crash the Republican Party, I will crash the Democratic Party, and I will raise up new faces, I will raise up those who will stand with Me and My glory. And God says, I will settle, 2020, as My Word declares when you clean house do you not first bind the strongman? The Lord says, the strongman of the 2020 election has been too loud, it has been undealt with, but God says I will bind up the strongman of that time that I may not only clean house but spoil their goods.

Watch and see. You are about, America, to taste and see that the Lord is good. I have been good, says the Lord.


I see shocking deaths that are a part of the turning of events as the hand of the Lord is coming with righteousness and justice.


And when you see the headlines ‘Great Storms’ pay not attention to the word ‘storm’, look to the word ‘great’, says the Lord, because I’m doing great things that are bringing reset of My hand, reversals that shall bring a rebirthing of this nation that it shall reach even down to your schools. God says, I will reset their curriculum I will reverse their curriculum and I will raise up a generation out of the schools that the children shall be a part of the rebirthing of this nation!