Prophecy – God’s Hand Shall Strike the Virus

Mar 17, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy video below! God’s hand shall strike the virus, and out of the bitter shall come something sweet. The pharmaceutical industry shall change. Your economy shall go to another level. Medical cures, vaccines shall come forth. God’s hand of mercy is being extended at this time! Do not fear!


I have not forsaken this nation. The United States says the spirit of God, nor have I forsaken this planet that I created, for I remind the people who dwell upon this planet. For I so loved this world. Not just the planet that I created, but I loved the people. That I would send my son as the sacrifice, as the promise, as the one. Who would offer his life that mankind may find life. And so it is from my throne, I speak to those who are in fear. I have extended my son in his life, but yet I say to you that are in fear. Look to him, who is seated upon the throne for the life is being extended to you again at this moment, for I say very soon. Watch my hand, for I say to those who would listen to the Media, and have been in a place of confusion and fear. I have spoken to my people and to the people of this earth. That I will force the media, the airwaves, to speak truth. Report truth, and you have to report my doings and what I will do.

Therefore I shall pass 3 times and my hand shall strike, strike, strike three times. And this virus that they have said shall grab a hold of this earth and this nation. Watch how the Lord God of hosts shall arise at this time. For I spoke to you that March would be a Time. That there would be that which would be in its fledgling state, which would begin to blossom. God says this should be the first strike. This should be the first swipe of my hand. And then look to the time of your Passover, the time when men once again understand of the time when I passed over and did not allow those who understood the covenant, who understood the blood of the lamb. I struck once again and this should be the second swipe, but then God says there’ll be a third.

And you watched the eradication. Of what they have spoken of a disease. Can I wipe it out? Can I stomp it out? Where is your faith? Says the spirit of God. For what I want to say to you at this time, remember the days when there was a nation of Israel who were bitten by the serpents. What did I do? What was bitter? What bit them became sweet? Why do I speak this? Because in that day, the very thing that bit them, the serpent, was lifted up upon a pole. A sign that if the Christ be lifted up, he shall draw all men unto himself. Why do I speak this? Because of what they have said with this virus. To inflict. To poison the minds and to afflict the bodies, to cripple the nations, look. Out of it shall come something sweet. That they will say, how could a virus that created such fear unify a nation in the United States? How could something so bitter become sweet that even though the economy would have hiccups and go down and up? If you could understand when the prophets stood and said this time tomorrow, it shall change, why did I speak through the Prophet? Because God says there is a tomorrow. That is better than the current crisis at hand.

Therefore, watch which shall arise over this land the United States, I speak to you now. Pharmaceutical shall change your economy shall go to another level, and this shall happen among the global markets, and it shall be astounding, and I will do this because, as it was when the serpent was upon the pole. Representing the Christ who would be crucified God says, I will do this because the enemy thought that he could cripple this nation and the nations of the Earth to stop something that he is afraid of. He is afraid of the awakening. He is afraid of the glory that is coming and it’s coming fast upon the nations. Therefore, watch, watch the good that shall arise. Watch healings that shall begin to break forth by ways of supernatural displays, of signs and wonders at another level, says the Lord. Watch how medical cures, vaccines, God says watch how things that have been held back through bureaucracy shall be brought forth now to eradicate diseases that have plagued the people for generations and for decades. Watch how they’re leaving common exoneration. To that which they sought to remove and to impeach because of my plan and my plan unfolding to do something great in this nation to take what was bitter and to make it sweet. And I speak this says the spirit of God, even to the nations of the Earth. My hand of mercy is being extended at this time.