Prophecy: God’s Confrontation Is Coming!

Apr 24, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy video below! Hear prophetic insight regarding China, North Korea, the economy, Israel, Netanyahu and the month of June.  The prophecy was declared on April 19, 2020. Hear the message that the Lord God of Hosts would speak at this time to those of you that are in the earth.


Hear the message. That the Lord God of hosts would speak at this time. To those of you that are in the Earth, and the attention has been upon a virus that has plagued the Earth, the nations too. Yet the Lord God of hosts says this is the time that I ride with my indignation and as it was, with the blast of my nostrils in the days when the waters parted for the nation, the people of Israel. And I confronted Pharaoh, his choice men, and their Chariots. I, the Lord God, brought confrontation.

This is the message that I speak to the earth at this time. Do not think your media, do not think those who oppose this President and this administration, do not think those who have looked at the virus would prevail in the Earth or another pandemic. God says this is the time that I shall bring forth confrontation. I did it in the days when Goliath stood to paralyze the nation, yet I used a young shepherd boy and his sling and stone, and a revelation of covenant. And I brought forth confrontation. I brought forth confrontation in the days when the spirit of God drove the son of God into the wilderness to confront the enemy who tempted him. I brought confrontation. In the days when Herod stood with pride, corrupt. Yet he dropped upon the earth and gave up the ghost as Worms touched his body.

Why do I speak? Says the Lord God of hosts, because I have had enough of the spirit of fear. I have had enough of my people being bound to fear, fearing the enemy. The Lord God of hosts, says my confrontation I bring in this day. Watch and keep your eyes now upon China, for God says what they are hiding, they will be found guilty. They will be found responsible and I, the Lord God of host, in my confrontation will make them pay. And I will use it to stimulate your economy to eradicate debt. God says there are those who have been full of pride, arrogance. They’ve had an agenda to oppose my plan, my man, my church, and things that are desiring to bring forth by the works of my hand. And as I did with Pharaoh. There are those who have said, we do not need God, we do not include God. God says, they in my confrontation, shall be removed, and they shall not hold a place where they will have a voice. And some will lose their voice because they will lose their life.

I am confronting, watch for the spirits of this age have thought that this would stop the flow of my glory, and what I desire to do at this time with my church. They said, Now we shall go and stir up trouble once again in North Korea. We will use North Korea to once again be our agenda of hostility and fear and threats. God says in my confrontation I confront North Korea. I confront the leader and God says, watch what is hidden shall be exposed. For this is the time of great confrontation of my hand to bring things in darkness to the light.

I will show what they’re hiding. Do you think that your government has so much power? That they alone could shut up the businesses, the stadiums, the entertainment, The sports, the workplace? God says, I’ve allowed it. But in my confrontation, I show the earth that those stadiums, the workplaces, are mine. And I will fill this earth with my glory, and as my glory manifested in the days of Israel, and I reached through the cloud and I confronted, and I troubled the enemy. And I knocked off the chariot wheels of their pursuit. This I shall do again. As I shall be known to the forces of hell and those who agree with them, I shall be known as the great troublemaker, says the Lord.

Men have demanded vengeance, but vengeance is mine, and I shall take it. Israel, do you really think that I do not have your government figured out? There were too many lies, too much of a hidden agenda, to confuse your government, to stop the voice of a prophet who speaks. Yet I’ve allowed this Virus to slow you down, to reset you, to bring the miraculous says the spirit of God. For I am not done with Netanyahu. For you shall rule in the coming days in a unique way, a different way of my choosing. Watch how I reset and establish a new order. Stay tuned to June. Stay tuned to June. As there will come unusual twists to stories and to events. But look closely and look for my hand. Pray for even this president will be faced with the decision. But I will bring guidance. Stay tuned to the month of June for many unusual and strange events, that you will get a glimpse of my confrontation.