Prophecy: God is Saying “Game Over”

Jun 8, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word released on June 6, 2021 regarding Whistleblowers and God saying “Game Over”!


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, June 6, 2021 – God is Saying “Game Over”

God says, I have not withdrawn My hand as some have believed and even prophesied concerning this nation. Yet there is a stirring within this nation so open your eyes and you’ll see it. A cord of three strands that will not be easily broken but will be the strength of what I shall do in this time.

This that I speak of being three strands is rooted in dissatisfaction. Therefore, I shall take a remnant of My people. I will gather the patriots who have, and are standing for your freedoms, United States, and in addition to this I will convince through the Spirit of Truth an undeniable evidence that even many who voted for those who stand in your land by thievery and treasonous acts.

And I say that because we are in an amazing moment with God where there will be whistle blowers, but God has blown the whistle and He is saying two things: 1) game over, and 2) you are going to pay for your penalty.