Prophecy: God Is Bringing You To The High Place

Jan 17, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Though the sands move, though the floods come, you shall not be shaken. You will stand upon the ROCK! God is bringing you to the high place.  God is bringing you to a place of prominence in this season!  Watch video below:

And so even now says the Spirit, in the hour and the season, and the time in history. When the ground is as shifting sands, and things seem unstable, things seem unwieldy, and it would seem as though the world around you is coming to crash down. That the Spirit says, did not my word already declare that if you build your house upon the rock, if you build your house upon the kingdom, though the sands move, though the waters and the floods come, and though the winds blow, did I not already declare in my word that you shall not be moved, you shall not be shaken, and you shall be shown to stand strong and stable.

And so it is, even in this time, for I am bringing my church to a place of provenance, where they will stand upon the rock even in this nation and in the nations of the world for though it would seem that persecution has heated up, it has been turned up. Watch now what I do with my national leaders and those that have called on my name for they shall rise to a place of celebration, and confidence, and prominence in this hour. But think not that the enemy has the upper hand, for I the Spirit am raising my church to the high place in this season says the Spirit.