PROPHECY: God Has Adopted This Generation For His Harvest!

Jul 25, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 26, 2022, where the Lord has declared that the Spirit of Adoption is being released across the United States! God is arresting this generation of children as part of the harvest that He has promised for His son Jesus Christ!

God is roaring with vengeance against the enemy and will show His justice and righteousness in a way that we have never seen before! Continue to stand in faith and agreement as we enter into the hour and the season of the Great Awakening!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman June 26, 2022

9:00AM Sunday Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church

(Overturning of your laws — one after another — then being abolished):

Do you hear my sound? says the living God.  It is the sound from my throne that I have stepped in … in this time.  Therefore, listen closely.  There has been an overturning of your laws, and God says, this shall continue, one after another, until I restore freedoms to this nation … that you have prayed … you have fasted for … you have desired, and God says it shall go from overturning to being abolished in this land.  For I am roaring with my vengeance against the enemy … and I shall show my justice and my righteousness in a way that you have not seen before.  

(Spirit of adoption/Watch schools, universities, law books, television screens, internets/Great awakening):

Therefore, open your eyes … look closely.  It is, says the living God, the spirit of adoption that is now being released upon this land.  I have adopted this generation of children.  They are mine … and it is the harvest that I promised my son.  Therefore, not only is it an adoption … that I’ve arrested this generation … that you watch how I move through the schools, through the universities, through your law books, through your television screens, through your internets.  God says for the sake of the children that I have adopted … but pay attention.  God says it also represents the great awakening that shall come from those who shall now walk upon this land.  This generation that’s been adopted.  We’re on the inside … they shall cry out … Abba Father.  Those who’ve been adopted into the kingdom of God.  Do you understand the hour?  Do you understand the day that is upon you?  This is why I say do not fear.