Prophecy: “Flop/Flip”, Whistleblowers, the Year 2022

Aug 24, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophetic word released by Pastor Hank on August 22, 2021 regarding a “Flop/Flip”, Whistleblowers and the Year 2022.


Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Transcript – Aug. 22, 2021

“There is an intensity that shall begin to flood this earth. Things will begin to be intensified, there’ll be natural manifestations that will reveal the intensity of God’s hand that is coming and is already moving.  

 Therefore, those of you that have been in a harsh season, you need to prepare yourself for the intensity of God’s blessing that will carry you into a new year. 2021 it will be revealed and understood that it is and has been the year of victory, for the battles have been intense but that’s why God has brought victory and the victory shall be so great in your lives that it’ll carry you into 2022, where it will be the year. For some are looking for a word that shall affect the nation, God says, yes, I have My business that I am taking care of and I’m attending to in this nation and the nations, but I have promised that not only shall I do what I’ve said I will do, but I’m going to make 2022 be about you.  I will repay back, and I will cause the forces of darkness who’ve attacked My people unjustly even at the hands of your government, God says, I will release and ease the pressure and I will remove the harshness and I will bring an intensity of My hand of blessing that shall carry over and they shall see in the earth that My hand is greatly upon My church.   

 For some think at this time that it is only about political maneuvering, but God says, it is about raising up a glorious church, My church that the gates of hell shall not prevail over it or against it, says the Living God. Therefore, watch the intensity of blessings that shall begin to come to you and for you. Do not say out of your mouth the visions are prolonged and the prophecies are failing. The Spirit of God declares that I am moving intensely to bless you, but also this nation. 

For there was a day and an hour that Egypt was oppressed by ancient spirits that exist even today that brought them into bondage, into socialism, control of the governmental hands that they were under. But yet what did I do in the times that they cried out in the midst of their bondage? My Word declares I remembered My Covenant and I raised up deliverance and a deliverer and I brought forth a plan with great signs and wonders and I brought a deliverance to a nation.  

 I speak this to you who are afraid, I speak this to you who have given up, says the living god concerning this nation. I have listened to the cries of the people. I have seen the harshness of this season of how this decade has started, therefore I have remembered my promise to this nation and to those who dedicated this land unto Me.  

 Therefore, the intensity shall increase upon this land, upon the earth. The intensity of eruptions. The intensity of shaking of the earth’s soil and they will say, ‘we have not recorded it at this level of intensity’. But do not be afraid for that which has been hidden and corrupt will erupt with the eruptions, and that which shall be shaken and must be shaken shall be reflected in the intensity of the earth’s shaking of the soil.  

But watch for you have heard the saying, flip-flop. But I speak to you this day, flop-flip. You ask what I mean?  I speak flop-flip because the agenda of hell and those who have agreed and thought that they could steal this land for your election and steal the future from your children, it shall flop. And then watch what shall arise, whistleblowers after whistleblowers. They shall not only see that their agenda has flopped, they will begin to flip. And God says there will be a turning of My hand and a turning of their mouths, and they will speak loudly, and they will turn on one another and they will expose one another to save what they would think their own future. Watch for the great flip and, the Lord says, when you see this it will flip in this nation too.”