Prophecy: Earth Opening, Justice, Season of the New

Jul 29, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word released by Pastor Hank on July 18th, 2021 regarding the earth opening, a large hole, structures, a crumbling, hidden things revealed, the hour of justice, season of the new and records.

Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, July 18, 2021 – Earth Opening, Justice, Season of the New

You’re about to see the earth open and a sinking shall happen. The earth shall open and there shall be a sinking that will happen and there shall be a large hole, and you will say, what is this? The Lord says, remember I am speaking this to you that there are certain structures and things that have been in place that shall be swallowed up. There will be statues, idols fashioned by man’s hands that will be shaken and they will be brought down.

And so God says, watch the sinking, watch the structures. I’m not talking about being removed by man’s hands, I’m talking about what they will say, ‘How did this crumble? How did this get struck and topple?’ And then watch what comes to the surface because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

This is the hour of justice. This is the hour of righteousness. It is the hour that the Spirit of Truth, My spirit shall bring much things as you see the crumble be swallowed up and the winds that would seek to form against you in this nation by the way of whirlwinds. I will shatter it. Because you are entering into the season, says the Spirit of God, of the new and the new shall be great changes, unusual changes, records, places where it’s not been this warm it shall be, places earliest on record – cold. Keep your eye upon the snow, they shall say it’s too early. The winds. The lightning. The hailstones. Why is this happening? Because great change is coming, and I am showing the earth who is in charge.