Prophecy: Early Cold, Coolness, Record Cold

Sep 12, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

In light of the drastic drop in temperature in multiple states across the nation in early September 2020, carefully read this prophecy that was released in advance regarding the prophetic sign of “coolness”, “early cold” and “record cold”. God Himself is moving across the UNITED States. Be encouraged today!
Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, August 30, 2020
I am the God that is countering the forces of fierce wind, and I will cause there to be a cool, gentle breeze that will begin to blow across this nation. And there will be a coolness, and there will be a gentleness of the breeze. When this takes place, for it will not just be one moment but many moments, rejoice! For this is the movement of My Spirit even as when David sought to hear My voice, I moved among the mulberry trees. The sound of My Spirit, the rustling of the leaves; the sound and the movement of God Himself. THIS is I, therefore this nation shall not be stripped from My hands or My Church. There shall be record cold; early cold. There shall be a cooling to cool the streets, to cool the tempers.
NEWS: Washington Post: September 8, 2020 – From summer heat to snow in 18 hours: Weather whiplash strikes Rocky Mountain states

Temperatures plummeted 55 to 60 degrees, with over a foot of snow in some areas.


NEWS: CBS4 DENVER: Denver Officially Experiences Earliest Freeze on Record: Sept. 8
NEWS: The Weather Channel, September 8, 2020 – One of the Earliest Snowstorms on Record Blankets the Front Range of the Rockies With September Snow