Prophecy: California, Great Change Is Coming!

Aug 4, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word about California which was released on July 5, 2020. The prophecy is already beginning to unfold.


California. I am calling for you says the Spirit of the living God. And I have taken you California, through fires, I’ve taken you through shakings, now I shall take you through a season. When there have been those who have said, we shall silence the voice of my church. But yet I speak, and must I remind this earth and those governing officials. That the highest entity, the greatest entity that exists upon this planet, and in you California, is my Kingdom, my church. Therefore, as the days when the three Hebrew boys refused to bow. There shall, and there is a remnant in California, of my preachers, my people who will and are refusing to bow. And this shall cause me to manifest as it did in the 4th man in the midst of the fire, I shall arise over you, California.

And I will expose the fault lines. For there will be shakings, great shakings. Yes, I speak of the soil, but I will hold back. I will hold back as the soil shakes, but I will shake loose those who have been a stench in my nostrils and have been grievous in my sight. I laugh out of the heavens over those who, in secret demise, they conjure up their plan and their agenda, not just for you, California, but for the United States. And I laugh. Therefore, California, listen to me says the spirit of God. What you are today, what you have been up to this day, it’s not what your future is part of my plan or agenda. Therefore California, you’re beginning and you shall be a lot more red.

First, there shall come the redness of indignation. The redness shall lead to a righteous rebellion that shall say, we’ve had enough of you shoving this down our throats. And it will arise. And it will shift to the seats of government that have held positions of power. For I gave you a sign already. That there are certain seats that have been held. But they shifted. They turned. This will happen again and again and again and again. There’s a reason they rush to find gold in you California, because I’m looking at something even greater than the natural gold. I’m looking at the movement that shall arise, as it did in the days of the Jesus movement once again. They will gather not on the beaches only. They will gather in their churches in defiance and say, we will worship Yeshua Yeshua, and this will cause a great uprising of my church. Persecution, yes, but watch, watch the mobilizing of those who say we refuse to bow, that shall outweigh the efforts to stop and to silence and to restrict. And this will spill out into the streets. And whole marches and movements will be seen up and down California, and they will say we want a different day and I’ll give it to you, says the Lord.

But let me do some more shaking, that I will cause men to fear in the natural and I will cause men to fear My church. And there will be an unusual thing that will take place. Of one who has spoken much words from California. Words that are filled with lies. You have spoken your agenda and you have even said you were speaking for me. Watch what I do. Those who have stood before and presently, shall not stand in the future of you, California. As there will be a fear that shall grip you. Because great change is coming not just for you, but I have promised it for this nation. And so I need my people to pray, to prophecy, to speak.

What do you see? Whose report shall you believe? California, I’m calling for you. Lord, give strength to your church, to your leaders. And let them rise in boldness. Let them rise in compassion. Let them rise and honor that we will obey God rather than men, as your word declares. When it violates the higher law of worshipping and honoring you. Bless them, I pray. And expose and silence every resistance. In Jesus’ name. And everybody said? If you’re from California, I want you to say Amen, right where you’re at in California. There is a different day that is coming upon you. What is this with the wind? With great force, it will blow across you California and this will be reported in your papers. But I’m shifting the weathervane from the enemy’s agenda to the shifting of my season over you. Be comforted and be encouraged, because I’m turning your captivity. I’ll do it. Yes, I am, says the Lord.