Prophecy about Shakings, Eruptions, Disruptions

Mar 4, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this prophecy about Shakings, Eruptions, and Disruptions.


Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, February 28, 2021

“As the winter season is about to come to an end, for new seasons shall arise, yes, upon the earth, but they are not just natural seasons, but spiritual seasons of My plan and My events. Therefore, pay very close attention. With the new seasons that are arising at this time, there will be a changing of the guard. And God says, what has been in a harsh season of winter that has been upon this nation, and the harshness of the season where there has been that which they have declared through lying, trickery, thievery, crimes, fraud, and even the pandemic that they speak of – This is not the season or seasons that I have planned. And I declare to you, and I spoke ahead of time, says the Spirit of God, that this would be 2021 W-O-N, the year of victory. And yet men have grown weary because of the battles. But God says, victory always comes after there has been battles.  

 And what I have planned shall take Me through this year. Do not be afraid and do not grow weary. No, I am not delaying or prolonging. For I have declared, even as it was [with] the children of Israel, I rained down My blessing and heavenly manna, yet there are those in the earth and in this nation that could not see. They could not discern the blessings that I had rained down upon the administration and the things that I did through President Trump to protect the children, your freedoms, this nation, Israel, My Church, to name a few, says the Lord. And as Israel could not discern the blessing of the manna that was sent, they craved and said, “we want flesh,” and so I gave them what they wanted. And while the flesh was between their teeth, they had enough. God says, what I have allowed, is I have allowed what men thought that they wanted in a President. I speak of that which has not been anointed and appointed, that says that they have won. And I am showing those who voted for him and them, that the flesh that they desire shall be between their teeth and they will say, “we’ve had enough!” as they see executive orders and things that they say will last, but I will overturn it as I turn the tables over.  

 I said and I declared that this election, the one that you experienced in the United States, would be given to My Son. Do you think that this nation will be stolen from Him? I said that that election would be given to the children, and so it shall. As you enter into a new season that is upon this nation, watch the intensity of the soil as the shakings will continue in the earth. Watch as there will be eruptions that will mark disruptions; great interruptions of My hand, and I will do it for the children – those who’ve been massacred in the wombs, those who walk upon the earth at this time – that they will not have to live in socialism in the United States. But I also give it to the children who have been trafficked. There will be much that will be exposed in the coming seasons that are upon you, and I do not speak of a delayed time. Watch who, what, where, when, and how, that they have touched the children, for they will be brought to justice now. And I will do it. For you’re entering into the season, not only of a change of seasons, but you are entering into the season of great change and I speak it, God says, even in your politics, too. “