Prophecy About Eruptions, Open Heaven, Wealth Transfer, Gold, Silver

Mar 17, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophetic word released on March 14, 2021 regarding Eruptions, Open Heaven, Wealth Transfer, Gold, Silver and so much more. Abundance will begin to flood God’s people. The decade is for the children.


Let me hear the sound of the people of God that expect the glory of almighty God to invade the earth. Yeah. Let there come a sound of the angelic forces, marching through the land to restore truth, to establish righteousness and justice. The chains that have sought to bind the nation, let it begin to fall by the wayside. As we call Forth Liberty, we call forth justice, we call for righteousness of thy hand, Almighty God.

Here is the sound. I can hear a sound, I can hear a sound. The sound is coming from the ground. The sound is coming from the mountains. The sound is coming from the heavens, as it shall Thunder, Thunder, Thunder. And the lightning, and the thunder and the lightning. I hear the sound of the ground. I hear the sound of the mountains erupting. And hear the sound of the sky opening wide, and the God of Thunder shall speak in this time. Do you hear the sounds? Do you hear the sounds? Do you hear the sound, says the Lord. Do you hear the sounds? Do you hear the sounds? Do you hear the sound? It’s my hand, my feet, my warrior angels. Your ground shall speak, your ground shall shake, your mountains shall erupt. The sky will open. I will speak and you will say, I hear the sound, I hear the sound.

Listen closely, says the spirit of the living God. I hear the sound of an abundance. An abundance, an abundance of rain. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of the ground that speaks? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of the mountains that speak and erupt? Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound of the abundance of rain?

Why do I speak this to you at this time? Says the spirit of God. Because there are forces of darkness and they are defeated. They want you to think that somehow I am not going to act. But I have said to you that this is my time, not the time of the enemy. And the events that I have planned, shall begin to play out, as I have said, that they shall. Therefore watch the great opening. You say, what is opening? I’m opening up my curtain. I’m about to show off and show up. Must I remind you of the great opening up and showing that took place over 2000 years ago? When my son, the triumphant son went into the very bowels of hell and made an open public display of them. And so I say once again, there should be open public displays of what my hand of justice shall bring in this time. Therefore, watch the sound of the shaking of the soil across the earth. Watch the ground that shall not just shake, but open up.

You say, why? God says I will show that the attempts to bring about a coup, like in the days of Korra, the ground spoke, opened, and swallowed their attempt. Watch your mountains across the Earth. Activity shall arise in you United States. And the mountains shall begin to rumble, and some shall blow their tops, while others shall steam. This shall take place to show that I am speaking, that my voice goes not only into the soil of this Earth but down into the bellies of hell itself. That the things that they have plotted, and planned, and they have done and cooperated with men who have allowed them to be used as pawns by the hand of the devil. And his demons? My voice shall go even into the very bowels of hell itself, and there shall be eruptions. Major disruptions. Interruptions. Of great exposure and as the mountains erupt, so shall my justice erupt. And I will hold accountable those who thought that they could run.

Some shall betray one another and reveal the deeds that they did together in darkness out of fear of their own life. Some shall fall upon their own sword. And some shall seek to take others out to silence them. This is my show. Now watch your skies. Did you hear what I said to you? Says the Lord. Notice abundance. There shall be an abundance of rain across the Earth but across this nation. There should be record rainfalls, and the water shall fall, the rains will pour down. You say, Why shall this happen? Because I shall speak and there will be sounds of Thunder and no rain, and there will be sounds of Thunder and abundance of rain. To show you United States that this nation is not close to my ear. For there have been wrong reports. That I did not listen to the prayers of those who prayed. I will show you the heavens are open and the abundance of rain shall be assigned.

Now you might be saying, but what does this have to do with my life? Those you that are watching. As I was standing there, the Spirit of the Lord said this. He said you tell the people, that when they see the abundance of rain. It shall mark an abundance that shall begin to flood my people in a way that they’ve not seen, as there shall be great transfers of wealth. Revaluing a currency, a change of currency. The value of gold and silver shall arise in the earth. As abundance shall be released into the hands of my people in a way that you’ve not seen before, but watch very closely. I said to you and I said to you again, this time of justice, this time of righteousness, that the heavens are opening. With the abundance of rain and the mountains that are blowing their tops and the ground that shall shake and open because things are opening and I’m doing it, says the Lord, for the children. Because they will not have to live in socialism or unrighteousness. This is not the future that I have declared shall be this decade, or for the future of your children, says the living God.

Come on God is making an announcement. Some of your children are going to be healed from childhood diseases. Come on, Childhood diseases. Some of you just need to lift up your voice and be the human trumpet right now. Come on, lift up your voice, and begin to shout unto God. Say, Lord, I receive the abundance of your hand over my life, over my children, over my ministry, over my business, over my job, over all that concerns me. I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, and it is not just raining in the natural, but the abundance of rain, it’s the rain of his blessing, 2021 the Year of Victory. I can see it.

Come on, somebody shout, shout, shout. Let the God of Glory, Thunder. You ready, to hear the sound of Thunder that shakes you? You ready to hear the sound of Thunder in the United States of America that will shake the buildings? Because I want you to feel the strength of what is coming, says the living God. Yes, you’ll feel it down to your feet, some of you. Let it be a natural sign of the voice of God that sweeps the earth. Father, we release the Royal Guard of the host now. Royal Guard I release you. Go forth, trash the enemies of darkness. Bring to justice. And established righteousness at the power of God’s right hand.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now if you need a touch in your body, if you need a touch over your life. Say, Lord, I believe that every chain is being broken over my life. Chains of sickness. Chains of disease. Come on, any addiction, any stronghold. I speak to any stronghold, any addiction I speak to any demon power that is holding you, binding you, and in the authority of Yeshua’s name, and in the office in which I stand, I command every demon spirit. Come off, come out of the people, loose them. I speak liberty. I speak freedom where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. No more sickness, no more disease. No more shame, no more condemnation, no sexual bondage, no pornographic bondage. Come on, no addiction to substances. We speak in the authority of Yeshua’s name. You are free. Every chain is broken by the power of the Lord’s hand.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Say, devil Get out of here. Get out of my life. Get out of my body. Get out. I lose you from my soul. I lose you from my life. Come on. Come on. I receive the freedom, the liberty of God and his Spirit. I received the mighty touch of God. Some of you just need to lay hands on yourself and say, I received that anointing that is in this atmosphere. To heal my body, to set me free. To break yokes and to undo heavy burdens. Come on. Just because we can. This is what happens when you come to a supernatural church, God shows up. So he does what he wants. But I’m here to tell you, I hear a sound, I hear a sound and that sound will not leave me. And I’m not gonna leave that sound until I’m supposed to come. On come on. Something is happening over the Earth. Something is happening over America. Something is happening over your life. Come On.

I want you to shout one more time. Come on, just shout. Shout unto God. Shout! How many of you can say, Jesus!