Prophecy about an Unmasking and a Celebration, USA and Israel

May 27, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word below released by Pastor Hank on May 23, 2021 regarding an unmasking and a celebration that will begin, as well as a prophetic word about USA and Israel.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, May 23, 2021 Unmasking and Celebration Will Begin

As they’re playing right now, I can see banners, literal banners. That are being waved in the spirit realm. And the Lord says, there’s been enough confusion that has been upon the earth. And the voice of deception and lies have spoken loudly in this time. But now the horse, the horses, and the riders, I speak, of that which is in the spirit realm. Are carrying forth heavenly announcements and banners, that will begin to shift the reports that have been in the Earth.

For men have thought that what is shall be the new normal, but I am here to say to you, says the Spirit of God, that there is an unmasking that will begin to take place and this that I speak of is, yes, the masks that they have put upon your mouths. There shall be an unmasking, a removal of the mask. God says, there shall be a lifting all over the states of this nation. Why would there be an unmasking? Because I’m going to do something very significant and I’m going to unmask the truth regarding what they have spoken of a virus. I’m going to show and unmask who has been involved and their hands and their money that they laundered. I’m going to reveal the plot and the plan that it was to steal your election. I’m going to expose in a great way and unmask the plan to create a fear that would seek to destroy a nation and steal liberty from a people. But this is not the only unmasking that I will do, says the Lord. With the removal of the masks in the natural, there shall be removal of a mask or things in the spirit that have been dark, that have been lies, that have been deception and I will remove it and the truth will outweigh the lies of the day. But here’s what shall happen as the mask in the natural is removed, things will return back to the way that they were, but it will be better because celebration shall fill the air of your streets. Celebration shall be on the mouths of the unmasked as there shall be a great return that shall begin to arise.

God says, I’m putting My hand even stronger upon two men in the earth. You will see it and there is celebration that is happening right now in the spirit realm as this anointing is going to increase. Their voice shall become louder, their positions shall be granted and given, and it shall be stronger. I speak of Netanyahu and I speak of Donald Trump, says the Living God! The enemy thought that he could divide Israel from the United States, but I said I would rejoin their hands again, says the Living God. I will rejoin their hands! I will rejoin the nations; Israel and United States I am not finished. You shook hands, Netanyahu and President Trump and there are still assignments that must happen now that both nations will have their return and their unmasking.