Prophecy About 2021, United States, Operation Mercy, Russia, China

Jan 13, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy which was released on December 31, 2020 regarding 2021, United States, Operation Mercy, Russia, China and more.


I hear the sound of your feet. I hear the sound of your feet. And you’re about to trample upon the dark deeds that have risen its head in this day and in this hour. The Lord God of hosts, and his army with him are trampling down ready to reverse the proverb That is upon your land United States. For the media has said, their lies. Now the sound of the Spirit of Truth is marching across your land. And there shall be a reversal of their prediction, their prognostication, and what they said would be the outcome of your nation. Divine reversal. Do you hear it? God is shifting, he’s reversing. And he’s about to bring us into the moment that he has waited for called the divine, Heavenly shock and awe.

Why are you afraid? Says the spirit of God. Do you underestimate the power of my agenda and might? I have an announcement, says the spirit of God. To those in this nation who have sat in darkness. Who have been part of dark deeds where they say in secret, who sees us? God says, listen to the announcement that I speak to you. I speak to you, those in darkness, who you have blood upon your hands, and you have touched the children. You have tried to defraud a people and a nation. You, says the spirit of God, who sits in darkness, you shall see a great light. I speak this so that all who think that the rocks may hide them, the rocks will crush them, because those who sit in darkness, their darkness shall see a great light. I speak of exposure, says the living God.

Therefore, you’re about to enter into a season now. That is my events, my time, and what I have planned, and yet I look and I asked the question and I have waited and watched through your November. I waited through November and December, and now I look would I find faith? But I have among the remnant who have turned my hand. And so faith is the assurance of the things that you’ve hoped for. So let me comfort you, says the Lord. Your faith will surely see the things that you have hoped for concerning this nation and its outcome. But I’m not done, says the Lord. It’s also, listen closely those of you in faith, it is the evidence. Listen, there shall be evidence. I am bringing evidence to the light in my great light of exposure. It’s the evidence of things not seen, but now it comes to the light in my season of those who have been releasing your faith. This is my time.

Look closely says the Lord. Look closely at my hand. Look to the corner. This corner, that corner, this corner, and the bottom corners. What do you see? A frame. And in each corner, there has been Russia. There has been China, there has been Ukraine, and you, Iran. And you have framed a picture to try to steal, kill, and destroy concerning the United States. And you have cooperated and shaken hands with those in the middle of this picture frame, who have been about laundering, trafficking, and an agenda to turn this nation into socialism and communism. But listen to me carefully. What you did not realize is while you framed your agenda, you didn’t get the picture. I have watched, I have waited, and now I laugh says the spirit of God. Because of the great lights that now shall shine in the month of January. And it shall be the beginning of a year of great exposure. Did you hear what I said? Says the Lord. 2021 shall also be the victory to those that justice demands their accountability.

It is time now, in the year 2021, the Year of Victory. For righteousness and justice to kiss. Therefore, when this takes place. There shall be a stench and a smell of death. Strange this seems, says the Lord, to those who do not understand. Because I will release great grace upon those who have stood in this time. I will release great power. Then nothing will stop my hand of reversal. And then I shall bring great fear. The soil will shake. The winds will blow.

Pay attention to the wind at the time of my striking. For this will be the wind of reversal. Winds of change, they will even call it unusual winds. But as this begins to blow, it shall be like it was in the day that I sent the east swim to open the sea. To set a trap for those who thought they could overcome my hand. And yet, once again, I will use the wind at the time of my opening. They will gather by the multitudes in the days that are to come. That there shall come announcements, and it shall be shocking, and it shall bring you in awe. But this is just the beginning. For when the news and the evidence, because of those who have released their faith. They shall see the evidence of things not seen. They are the ones that have brought it to light.

Therefore, watch the stench of death for some shall be overcome by fear that demands their verdict and justice of guilt. They will fall upon their own sword. And some shall take their life. While others, their life will be framed as though they took their own life, but it should be the work of those in fear who will seek to silence them. But then, they shall scurry, and they will scatter the guilty. And in this frame that I spoke to you of, they will frame one another. And they will turn this sword upon themselves. And those who lied will now speak truth.

They have sought to shame my prophets. I said, touch not my prophets and do them no harm. This has been my saying, says the living God, not the words of men. And they have sought to lift the skirts of my prophets to shame them, the media. And those who have listened to lying spirits, who do you think you are? For your skirts shall be lifted, and you shall experience the shame of what you have pointed and accused falsely. Those who have spoken for me and spoken truth.

Therefore, I bring into this time, that I will be an irritant once again. As I was in the days of the Philistines when they touched the glory, they touched something sacred. And they were filled with pain in their hinder parts. Listen closely. I shall be a positive irritant of justice and righteousness, that they will not be able to sit. They will not be able to run, they will not be able to walk, they will not be able to hide because of the pain that I will bring to them of great conviction and fear. And accountability says the living God.

Therefore, watch the flower I spoke to you earlier and I said that this would be a time of a great fall. I have not changed my mind. And this shall have a double meaning, as you see the manifestation of what you’re about to enter into in a January of justice, and a February of fury, but a March of celebration. Therefore, listen closely, what shall take place at this time. No man will receive the glory. Look to the sign of the flower. You say, what is this, flower? You’ll know it when you see it. For it shall mark the new era that I have promised. But there shall be shakings, much political shaking. That I will release the economy, the resources, and overturning of laws. Because this season that I have called you into is a season of great reform, which means change, change for the good. And my goodness is about to pass before this nation. And when my goodness passes before this nation, so, so my judgment fall upon those who refuse to repent.

It’s a covering that they seek to hide. Darkness has tried to cover this nation. Darkness has tried to invade your house called White. But I say, that the White House, as I’ve said before, shall become even greater, the Lighthouse. I have not changed my mind. Therefore it is time now, as the darkness tries to invade, it shall be shattered by the light, says the Lord. And I will expose the rats that have been in the cabinet. That have been in the holes. That have been in the courts. And they too shall suffer an embarrassment because of the droppings that they left. That is a trail of what they have been a part of. There is coming a time of great embarrassment and shame to those who have refused to repent.