Prophecy: A Sudden Change of Events, Record Heat, and the Sound of Freedom!

Mar 15, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic ministry moment by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 6, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord declared that record and early heat would be a sign of governmental leaders and their tyrannical rule beginning to melt away as a result of God’s presence causing the agenda of hell to cool off and cease.

Watch in the spring months as a sudden change of events begins to take shape, which will lead to a righteous standoff, bringing freedom and liberation across the earth!

I hear a sound of freedom. Bring it throughout the Earth. I hear a sound of freedom, bring it throughout the earth. Come on. That’s the sound. This is the sound. This is a prophetic sound. Let this sound of freedom ring throughout the Earth. I hear a sound of freedom. Come on. Well, come on. I hear the sound, the freedom. Right here in the in the earth. I hear the sound of freedom over Canada. Come on, over Ukraine. Come on over the Ukraine, over Russia, over the United States, over Australia, over Canada. Come on, Europe, Africa, India, Asia, the islands of the Sea, Mexico, Central America, South America. Come on. New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, United Kingdom. I hear the sound of freedom. Come on, the sun blocking nations. Removing leaders. Liberating the people. Eradicating COVID-19 and all variants sound. There’s a sound of freedom.

Those of you that are watching, do you hear the sound of freedom? Come on let there be a sudden turn of events. I’m calling on the suddenly of God over Canada. I’m calling on the suddenly of God over the United States and our government. I’m calling upon the suddenly of God over Ukraine, Russia. Over Australia, the suddenly of God to intervene. Let there be a sound of freedom. Come on, sing it again.

I hear that scripture. That says, that the mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, the Lord of the whole Earth. And so God would declare from the Majesty and might of his throne. That the mountains, obstacles, resistance, governments, leaders of nations, those who have lifted themselves to be high and lofty as the mountains will be brought down. They will melt like wax. God says, Listen, they will conform as wax conforms. Why will this take place? Extreme heat. Record heat, early heat upon the earth. Dangerous heat. These will be but signs. Early on record. Breaking and shattering records. A wave, a great wave of heat. Why? The mountains among the nations and concerning the nations shall begin to melt. Because I am turning up my heat that shall trigger things in the natural. At my presence.

And things that look strong. Look unmovable. That they shall stand, and be, and remain the same as the mountains. Watch it begin to melt over Canada. Watch it melt in you United States. And watch them begin to melt between Ukraine and Russia, that there should be joining of a hands and a Treaty of peace. And this shall come among the Earth. Listen now at my presence, that is increasing, the Earth will respond. The heat will arise. But God says I’ll begin to cool things off. Do not be fooled by the great heat. Do not be fooled by early heat, do not be fooled by strange heat. Or you would only look then in the natural, as it is hot in the natural I will cool things down that will begin to affect the natural. And I will set things in their place, as they rightfully should be. And then they will come.

Watch very carefully through your spring and your summer months. There shall be a sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden, surprising change of events, of circumstances. Because I will show the earth who is in charge. And there will be times, that it will look as though that things have come to a standstill. And they will say, what do we do now? We’ve gathered, we’ve marched, we’ve conveyed. What do we do now? God says you stand in the silence. You stand in the stillness. Because they want you to think it didn’t work. The spirit of the Lord says, but in your stillness. Be still and know that I’m God. That’s when I move. And what will be silent and quiet. And so it will look as though some efforts have not succeeded. It shall lead to a standoff. Which will cause tremendous sounds of freedom and liberation across the earth.

Watch. Strangely, as two nations shall arise. And they will rise. With the grace of my hand. And they will bring what would appear as war. To gather the nations for war, they will arise, and in the wisdom that I give, shall bring sudden changes and sudden stops. Of conflicts that you see. Estonia, you are in a very strange place. There is something they want. But I will protect you. Why has the dam burst forth and the waters rise? Who shall still the earth? It is I in my eye. I have said to the oceans, this far and no more. I have said to the mountains you will hold back. I have said to the soil of the lands you will shake at the movement of my finger.

And I say to the kings of the earth. Your time of afflicting harshness upon the people has come to an end now, of harsh judgment. For what you have done to the people you have reaped, and you shall reap upon your own heads. For this is not the time of the wars to end all things. But it is the time to end certain wars that have been raging in the spirit realm. Over the earth. Over you United States. That there shall be such a sound of freedom that shall arise. Did you notice? As my Spirit drove the son of God into the wilderness. My spirit is driving, moving upon the old, the young, the in-between. Moving. As they gather, why? My spirit drives them for freedom. And what you stand for and what you fight for this year, in 2022. Shall bring the fruit of 2023. You will see that you are free. You will see the results, the rewards, the blessings of your freedom in 2023.

Do not grow weary.

God says things are now going to heat up at a level in the natural that shall be alarming. But it shall be great. As I quiet and I still the earth.

This is such a holy moment. God, I stand in your presence. Not as one who would speak my own words. The one that I fear. I honor. I bow my knee. Before the God of my father and of the Lord Jesus Christ, let thy words stand over the land and over the earth. Just as you have said.

The sound of the bear, his hunger speaks from the belly. The voice of the Dragon breathes as it wants to expand its lands. But the sound of the lion of Judah is greater than the bear, the dragon, and is greater than the divided eagle. Who shall be raised up to soar once again to greatness?You land of America.

Thank you, Lord. We humble ourselves in the sight of God. As a man that speaks for you. I fear you. Your words mean more to me for they are your heart. And your heart must have a voice. And when you speak, it’s truth. Let men see. Unveil their eyes now, I pray. And the troublemakers? They will meet their match. Thank you. Worship. Who can stand before your face? Such a holy place, to be with you.

A war. That, they said, would bring all wars shall change swiftly. And the presence of the Lord.