May 3, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this profound prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on April 21, 2024, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that we have entered into a season of realignments in leadership positions in the nations of the earth as God brings about resets and reversals!

There have been many attempts by the enemy to remove God from the equation, but the Lord of Hosts has made it known that this is the time when He desires to see the Harvest that was promised to His Son Jesus, and His shed blood. Continue to pray and stand in agreement with the promises of the word of the Lord as He is setting up kings and taking others down to bring about His goodness and mercy to Israel, America, and the nations!


Prophetic Word Given by Pastor Hank Kunneman April 21, 2024 11:30 AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

The Spirit of God says, there’s the winds that are blowing in the earth at this time and there is a great wind that shall arise, and you will see it and hear of it in the place of the Middle East. And the sands of the desert shall begin to arise, and dust will begin to form, and they will look in the natural and they’ll say, what is this? But God says, it is the sound and it is the manifestation of the chariot wheels of my chariot as I ride across the Middle East, as I ride across the earth at this time to bring about reset and reversals, to bring down kings and to raise up others and to realign the nations for this time, says the Lord, so pay attention. There was a time of shift and there was a time of great change. There was a time that Herod died, and so you will see this among those who have ruled with iron fists across the earth for they shall give up the ghost and they will be no more, and their regimes shall begin to tumble and crumble and shall begin to fall.

Listen to me Canada as I speak to you, for you say in your name ‘can’, Can-ada and you keep saying ‘can’ with a question mark. And then some of you have looked to your nation, in Canada, and you have used the word nada, nada, nada here. It shall not happen here. Who do you think you are, says the Spirit of God, to defy me at this time when I have said that I hear you, O Canada, and I shall shake your government. But first I have told you that I must establish my order and my will in the United States that shall spill out over you, Canada; and I will expose the corruption that has taken place, and it is deep, and it is far and it is wide. But my reform and those who are my reformers shall arise at this time, O Canada, and I will cause a cord of three strands to be established over you, North America, and you will be known as North America The Great, for I have proclaimed and I have said that this is the time of the golden era. Gold shall be of great value because this is my era and it is golden, says the Lord, that I will put my hand and I will put my say upon this earth.

Therefore, I remind you of the time when it was proclaimed, Moses my servant is dead, and I spoke to Joshua, and I said rise up and go over the Jordan for there is a national inheritance. There is something of a land that I desire to give to you. Therefore, do not be moved. Do not be afraid, for you have seen generals of the faith begin to be promoted and called home. This is of my hand. It’s to make way for the younger generation who will arise. Oh yes, there will still be Joshuas and there will be Calebs who will be in their 80’s and even older who shall help bring wisdom and guidance unto a movement that shall arise in the earth and is part of my reset. Therefore, do not be moved as the generals are being called away and some shall stay at the command of my hand. For this is the thing that I do as the Captain of the Host, I begin to orchestrate, administrate the generals of the earth whether they be in my body. But pay attention, United States, to the generals of your country. For it shall be said, and it shall be known, that there were those generals in your nation that did not bow, they would not bow – they upheld the Constitution and the way of your legislation. Therefore watch. Watch, it will be said it was because of these generals who stood that America stands today.


But I also speak there shall be a ‘not a general thing by way of small’, but I will even promote generals to places of political power that shall help guide you and lead you in your presidency and in your future. I will use the generals even in Israel to bring about a breaking of the armory of your enemy nations, Israel. You will see how I will orchestrate the commands, the military; but I will not just do it in the natural, I’ll do it even concerning my church. As there will be departures of those who’ve paved the way as my generals in the earth it will make way for even the young to arise and they shall. And this will be a sign unto you that it is not a time, says God, to fear but it’s the time to embrace anew, and it is the inheritance. It is things that have been promised to you, things that were dedicated unto me that will be honored and given in this time.

Therefore, new leadership shall arise in the earth, and you will see it in the natural. You’ll see it in the military, you’ll see it even in the command of my church and my army. You will see something very unusual, for just when they will say, ‘We’ve had enough of this Trump’, another Trump shall arise and they will say, ‘We are done with this.’ But God says, yes, you saw what Bushes looked like, who compromised, but I’ll show you what Trumps do when they have been given delegated authority and power to rule over this country. Can fathers and sons rule in a way that brings a measure of the Christ back unto this country that men have labeled you falsely? But I say this nation is mine and I have listened and now I am moving, and I will bring about such swift change. Pay attention. For I will establish things in three. I’ve said to you, Canada, United States, Mexico, watch what I do, God says, in your government. There shall be one who I have told you and I’ve appointed and anointed that is not lost or left seat of power. I speak of 45, says God. But then there shall be a man that arises, and a woman. And what is this cord of three strands of a man, a woman, and a man that seeks to lead you where you have not gone before? God says, this is my doing. I will show you what it is to look like by way of headship, your presidency. I will show you what vice presidency should look like, and I will show you what Secretary of State looks like. And God says, as you see a shift begin to take place with the kings of the earth, and even in my body, it is I that is setting up the kings and taking others down and I am promoting across the earth whether it be in governments or in my church. For it is time, says the Lord, for what I desire and that is to see the harvest that blood was paid for and to see the awakening of my glory that Yeshua receives the honor in the earth. You say, oh God, but what would be a sign? I spoke these to you now so that you will watch, and you will see.

And for those who mock and for those who have tried to kick me out of your history, of your past, your present, and your future, you will never take me out of your past, your present, or your future of your history, America. For you watch what will arise. A monument shall arise in this nation, and it will be inscribed, ‘This monument is unto the one and true God and to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.’ And it will be erected in this country, and it will be embraced by your government. You say, ‘Not! This will never happen, what about separation of church and state?’ God says, do not make me laugh for you will see this arise to be that which shall be in the face, like Elijah was when he mocked them. I will do this as a mockery and a laughter from my throne at the heathen in this hour, says the Living God!