May 3, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on April 14, 2024, concerning the Spirit of the Lord raising up a shield of divine preservation over the nation of Israel in this season! Although enemies would attempt to rise up against God’s chosen nation, the Lord has made it clear that those in opposition to Israel will be greatly shaken, embarrassed, and stripped of their power.

This is the hour where the chariot wheels of the Lord of Hosts are riding across the Middle East to break the powers of darkness and tear down the principalities of those regions to establish divine peace over Jerusalem and Israel at this time!


  • Removals of Leaders in Nations that are Enemies of Israel
  • Dust/Sand Storms
  • New Military Technologies in Israel
  • Tunnels in the Middle East Exposed


Prophetic Word Given by Pastor Hank Kunneman April 14, 2024 9:00 AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

I want you to stretch your hands towards Israel, I’m hearing God speak to me. Father, we pray for the Apple of your eye. We pray for divine preservation over Israel. The God, according to Psalm 121, that does not sleep, that keepeth Israel shall keep Israel from all evil I pray; and I pray that there would be a divine protection that would come now.

So let it be known, says the Living God, in the earth and those who shake their fists and say there be no god. Those who look up and say, ‘Where is this Messiah, ‘O Israel, you shall be wiped away’. God says not so because there is a covenant with me that preserves Israel and shall preserve them now and going forth. Therefore, I am the God of the heavens, I am the God of the very soil of even the earth and all things created. But I am the God of the seas. Therefore pay attention, even over Israel at this time, for I have established my bulwark as the headship and there is a shield around about you, Israel, in the spirit realm. But you will see, through technology, of things that you have not yet seen or known with your naked eye, how I have through my wisdom, my knowledge, through technology, I have revealed plans to bring about a shield. For it was prophesied and it was declared, ‘Thou oh Lord are a shield for me’, and you will see it with your eyes, I speak even militarily. And this will continue to stand as the enemies of those who rise up against you at this time shall be greatly shaken, embarrassed, stripped of their power and even shaking of their headships and the headships shall be removed as great conflict shall arise among even Iran as their own people shall arise and stand against the things that they seek to do to other nations and I speak of you Israel and United States.

But because I am the God of the heavens, the earth, and the sea, I do not speak just of what you see, Israel, when I say I have given you, in covenant, the land. I do not speak only of the land which you see with your eyes, I speak of underneath the soil – maps, tunnels that go to and fro and about. Underneath you, Israel, that the enemy has used, and they have used it to harm children, they have used it to bring about plots and strategies to take you out. But I will plunder them. I will implode the tunnels and I will expose them one right after another, that I will show the power not only in the sky, the heavens, but upon the very soil with the shield that you will see. But underneath, I will shake it and I will cause it to crumble and be no more.

Watch very closely, for a great wind shall arise and it shall blow a great, great storm of dust. It shall gather and they will see. What is this – is this a sandstorm, God says, have you seen? Have you seen before your eyes? Have you ever seen the force of my chariot that I will ride that shall cause even the very natural dust and sands of you, Middle East, to be seen as the Hosts come with me and my chariots of war at this time to break the powers of darkness. But to you who only see in the natural, you will think it’s the dust and the wind that has arisen. Ha! It is my chariot and I who ride, and my Host that comes with me to establish my order and my peace to Jerusalem and to you, Israel, at this time, says the Living God.

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