PROPHECY: A Global Freedom is Coming that Shall Counter Socialism & Marxism!

May 20, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful and encouraging prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on May 15, 2022, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that He shall prevail over the enemies that thought they could steal the freedoms from His people and the nations of the earth.

Stay encouraged and continue to remain steadfast in your faith as it has been prophetically declared as in the days of Elijah, that this time tomorrow, things will begin to change!

For I have watched, I have waited, and I have laughed from my throne, says the living God. Hell has spoken and they have said, Why is the son of God so quiet? For God says, listen carefully. I have refrained and held back for a season, so you would think. But now I roar. And I shall prevail over the enemies that thought they could steal the freedoms, not only from my people but from those in the earth. For there is, says the Spirit of Grace, global freedom that shall counter that which has come by way of socialism and Marxism, to try to clamp you down even again.

But listen carefully, for there was a day as it was declared in my word. When they were selling donkey heads, dove dung was being sold, and the waters were boiling, and even to kill their babies. Why do I speak that in this moment? Says the living God, because they have sought to attack your bread, and to cause shortages and even to attack your water. And so they said, if we cannot stop abortion laws, we’ll look for other means to attack the children of this day. But I say to you, those who have ears to hear what the spirit of God says, do you think that they shall prevail? For the day, where donkey’s head was being sold, and Dove dung, and they boiled water for their children so that they may eat.

What did I do? I raised up a prophet who spoke in the time of famine and harshness, and the word of the Lord came unto Elijah. And so I say this to you now, those of you that are afraid, those of you that think that the answer is for me to take my church out of the Earth, not so at this time. Yet I speak what I spoke through my servant Elisha. This time tomorrow, things will begin to change. Do you sense it? As there will be great heat in the Earth, record temperatures will continue to arise. Yet I will do the opposite. I will begin to cool things down. That may bring a swift change, a relief to the harsh season because God says the elitists, so they call themselves. I laugh. They think that this is about their reset. Nay. It is my reset says the living God.