Prophecy: A Flood of God’s Glory, Aligning of Nations, and Realignment of Leaders

Nov 4, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on October 24, 2021 regarding a global flood of God’s glory that is coming! Watch the aligning of nations and realigning of leaders that shall cause freedom and liberty to break forth!



This is the time says the Living God, of a flood that shall cover the earth. I do not speak of a natural flood, but I speak a flood of My glory that shall cover this earth as the waters covered the sea. But this is a time now as things will begin to shift in this new era that I have declared that shall bring to the earth and to even this nation, the United States. It shall bring reset. It shall bring reversal and it shall bring renewal.

For do you remember the days when I sent My prophets, My servants, even My angelic hosts to move among the kings of the earth? Once again, as the God who sets up kings and takes them down, so I shall! And there is not only a global flood of My glory that shall cause it to be as in the days when the prophets stood and declared in the days that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord high and lifted up. Notice there was a removal of a king and a release of My glory, and so pay attention to the nations, pay attention to this nation for there is a realigning of governmental kings and rulers of the nations.

There will be many surprising shocking things that will take place in this season that you are entering into because I have declared in My glory where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Yet they have tried to mask you, censor you, silence you. But yet I say it’s because they are afraid of the liberty and freedom that is coming by the hand of My spirit in this day. Therefore, no evil entity and those who cooperate shall be able to stop [it], for there have been those who have prayed who have labored, who have fasted, who set up an altar, like in the days of the days of Elijah of an evening sacrifice and My fire came. They will not be able to stop [it] for My liberty shall outweigh their liberalism. It shall outweigh their attempts to censor and to silence, so watch the aligning of the nations and watch the realigning of the leaders of the nations.

Pay attention, for I am doing something that shall break Australia free. I am doing something that shall raise up Brazil to a place of brilliance and a great move of My hand that aligns with the government of the nation. Watch what I do to shatter the chains over Venezuela. Watch what I do to set Cuba free. Watch what I do to cause one in Russia to stand in a place of morals and empowering of My church that will shock the earth.

Watch what I do in Canada to bring about a righteous rebellion that shall bring a righteous rule. Watch what I do with you, United States, to honor an anointing that must rest upon the one that I have placed My hand upon for this hour, and also keep your eyes upon Florida, for there shall be a future thing that shall arise that shall carry the spirit of what shall make this nation greater again, says the Living God.