Prophecy: 2020 Decade – Hand of the Lord!

Dec 10, 2019 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Prophecy: The Hand of The Lord Shall Strike In 2020!

Find out what God has in store for the next decade – the 2020 Decade of Difference. God has opened a window over the earth, specifically over the United States. The window opened is defined as the mission of mercy. Topics covered in this prophetic word include the USA, The President, A Shaking, Fault Lines, Exposure, A Noticeable and Recognizable Voice Shall Stand In the Middle To Bring Unity And Agreement, the Left Party, the Right. Watch now!

But be comforted says the Spirit of God. Because the hand of the Lord is not only upon you United States, but His hand is risen now, be comforted with these words that I shall say to you. His hand is upon the man! His hand is upon the man, the president, and it’s not about the man, it’s about the agenda through the man that the hand of the Lord shall rest upon. And like an arrow, like an arrow God shoots an arrow of deliverance over the land and over the man. For the purpose of his agenda being extended into another season. The Earth shall shake. They shall say another president has been laid to rest and the courts will be shaken once again in the land, for the hand of the Lord is raised and the hand of the Lord shall strike in 2020. Therefore watch the east of your nation and of the south as I will shake the fault lines, God says in the natural and the fault lines of a different kind. And I will show that you’ve truly entered into a new era. This one is about to be laid to rest, and the court shall not rest because a seat will become empty. But I shall rest my case.

Therefore my hand moves upon this land, upon the man, upon the agenda, and there shall be a passing away, an empty seat that I may rest my case, that you are entering into a new era. And God says it shall be marked by grace, on the very day when your former president knew and those who lit up the house called white to celebrate a ruling that came from your court to undo what I declare as marriage between a man and a woman, yet on that day I chose to turn and to look at the mercy seat. And I remembered the blood that my Son shed, and I looked to the rainbow around my throne and I remembered the covenant of grace that I have with mankind through my Son’s blood not that I agree, not that I condone but I decided at that time to open a window over the earth and to open a window specifically over the United States.

This is why there’s been so much warfare because the enemy is afraid, he was expecting judgment. Yes, there is judgment, my judgements are in the earth that men may learn righteousness and yes it shall come by the way of great exposures and corruption that shall be dealt with exposed, and tried. But the enemy fears the window that I opened, giving an opportunity now to those of you in the earth who have been marked by the Spirit of God, who cry out for the abomination and the wickedness that you see, that you hear, that you know. That this window might be extended and this window is, says the Spirit of God, a mission! My Mission! And this window opened defined the mission of mercy you know you do not deserve it, lest it would not be mercy.

God’s hand is over the land. God’s hand is upon the man. God’s hand shall be through the man for His agenda. And God’s hands shall cause a former one to be laid to rest and for a seat to be empty, unsettling for the court but the hand of the Lord shall come and He shall rest His case, He shall rest His case, He shall prove His point, and He shall mark this decade.
Lord let your arrow go out, arrow of deliverance. Let grace come to us.

And this Grace shall cause one to leave their place and they shall come from the left and they will stand and they will say, “I can not and will not continue down this road.” They will not join the right they will stand firmly in the middle, but they will come from the left and they will be a notable, recognizable voice and this shall take place, and as they stand they shall say, “I do not align myself to the left, I do not agree with what is happening to those on the right but I stand in a place in the middle to seek to bring unity and agreement.” This one shall be accused of being filled with the spirit of betrayal. But it’s not betrayal, says the Spirit of God, it is my Grace as my hand moves to rest my case. That shall propel them to say that we can no longer stand for the agenda that was filled with lies, an agenda that is not right, and my Grace shall move them to truth.

This will be shocking, unsettling, and shall cause anger, but the Lord says that I will use it as in the days when the donkey spoke by divine unction and utterance given, this one from the donkey party shall come and speak and unction of God shall be upon him for it shall be the Spirit of Truth.