Prophecies: Supreme Court and a Woman

Oct 8, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch these powerful prophecies regarding the Supreme Court and a woman. The new era is upon us.

Prophecy from October 26, 2016

Your Supreme Court will change for I am the Supreme Judge. God says watch for I will raise up, when there is a vacancy of two and then three, the Spirit of Grace says there shall be a woman that I shall place there at the helm and this shall be a compassionate woman, says the Lord, and it shall be her compassion for the right for the unborn to live that shall overturn and topple the laws that have aborted the innocent. What does a nation look like filled with glory? Can you see it? Can you see it says the Lord?


Prophecy from December 31, 2018

I am greater than your Senate, and I am greater than your Supreme Court.  I will shake your court again! And one who represented death, who was part of legalizing death to those who never had a chance to walk the earth, I shall take that which represented death of a ruling of a woman and I shall give back to your courts a woman who shall represent justice.  And as this takes place, get ready because this is the new era that I’m speaking.  There shall be a reversal of the laws upon the land that aborts the children in the womb and it is coming fast.


Prophecy from May 22, 2019

Just as things get heated up in your land, there will be a distraction that shall be from your Supreme Court. It’ll bring discussion, fear, arguing, bickering, because it is about to fall upon this nation. One who stood for death in the womb, justice demands your replacement; therefore a woman has been chosen to rise up. A woman for a woman. Injustice for justice. This is a new era that I speak of,” says the Spirit of God.


Prophecy from September 20, 2020

There shall be a great battle, says the Spirit of God, in the coming weeks and months of this nation. Hell is afraid and has been afraid of what I’m about to bring to your courts and to this nation, says the Spirit of God. For this that I have planned and I said when I spoke to the serpent in the time of the Garden – “I shall put enmity between the seed of the woman and thy seed.” And God says, once again there is enmity, there is hostility, there is war – and the enemy is afraid of who, and she, that is about to arise over this land. For it is not just…who she is that has been chosen, but what she represents that is My agenda and the great SHIFT that will begin to move this decade into the new era that I have prophesied, where your sons and your daughters shall LIVE. They shall walk among this earth. They shall LIVE outside of the womb. God says, do not think it strange when I speak to you that the children who have been aborted, who have been with Me, they pray. YES, they pray! And they have been praying, saying “God, will you give to the courts a woman who shall fight for the rights of our brothers, our sisters, our families – that they may walk and that they may live where we did not walk and where we could not live?” And God says, I have heard their prayers, but I have also heard the prayers of a generation of people who have cried out to Me and said, “God, will You overturn and topple the laws of the land concerning abortion?” And the Lord says, this is why hostility rages; this is why they shall push very hard to try to stop the nomination. But God says it represents what shall be a toppling of the spirits of Molech and Baal over this nation. Hell is trembling but God says, I shall give it to the generation of the children of this hour and of the future generations, that abortion of this day shall not be in your future – for I shall topple it. And I will use the woman that shall arise upon the courts to be a domino that shall cause other places, other things, other people, to begin to fall into place. Do not listen to the divisive rhetoric that says, “it is not right to appoint someone at this time.” God says, if they had the chance on the other side, they would do it, too. But here is what I want you to see: I have said that I will raise up this nation greater. I have said that I will cause My agenda to be celebrated. Look very closely. What is about to take place in your courts is not just a vote among men, but this is My selection – this is My interjecting that I may shift things in My favor; that I will bring to you as I have said, righteous judges as the first. And let me tell you another secret: you will look upon your courts in a not-too-distant future – yes, I speak of the Supreme Court- those who are coming, and one who is upon the court shall gather hands together and they shall pray and they shall speak the Name of Yeshua from their lips. The enemy is afraid of this, and he is afraid of the Name of the Christ that is upon the lips of one who shall be positioned. God says, this is the future that I’m speaking of. This is the future that I’m preserving upon this land, and it shall not just be a ruling. It shall be a supreme thing from the Supreme God to show you and the children of this day, that a new decade that I have promised [would] be different is among you. O sure, they shall rage, they shall set things to fire – but it will not stop the fire of My Spirit and My Hand that shall counter it, shall stop it, and shall bring forth a great plan that you will see with your own eyes. And they will say “we remember the day – we remember the day when there was chaos; we remember the day when the streets were filled with violence and rage. What has happened?” God says, not only have I shifted the courts, but when I shifted the courts, I shifted the warfare; and I brought a great victory over the land that you will begin to see with your own eyes, says the Spirit of God.