Prophecies: Signs in the Heavens; Sign of the Flower

May 27, 2021 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Get God’s BIG picture by connecting the prophetic puzzle pieces regarding signs in the heavens and the sign of the flower. Watch now!

Prophecy By Hank Kunneman – June 16, 2020
The Spirit of the Lord says, look up now, and see that there is a shift that is taking place by the power of My hand. And the Lord says, as you see unusual manifestations of light, unusual displays of light, look to the sun, look to the stars, look to the heavens – and look and see these lights.  God says, this shall be a sign as you close out this year AND it shall be seen even in the first six months of the new year, for it shall be known as the year that the floodgates are open. Listen to Me, says the Spirit of God, 2021 -the floodgates are open.

Why am I saying this to you regarding light and the floodgates? So that you will know that the shift, and the dividing of My hand, when I divided light from darkness, day from night – there has been much evil, there has been much darkness – but this shall mark the shift and the promise that I have said to you, My people, that it will be different. I will give you rest. I will cause My goodness to be displayed and My presence to be made manifest. Therefore, look at the displays of My hand, of light – and look, says the Lord, at what shall begin to take place that will cause you to understand that there is a floodgate open and an acceleration and a great outpouring of My hand upon this earth, says the Spirit of God.


Prophecy By Pastor Hank Kunneman –  December 31, 2020

Look to the sign of the flower. You say, what is this, the flower? You’ll know it when you see it – for it shall mark the new era that I have promised.

For there shall be shakings – much political shakings – then I will release the economy, the resources, and overturning of laws – because this season that I have called you into is a season of great reform, which means change, change for the good. And My goodness is about to pass before this nation. And when My goodness passes before this nation, so shall My judgment fall upon those who refuse to repent.


Prophecy By Pastor Brenda Kunneman –  May 5, 2021

For the Spirit of the Lord says, there is a fresh perspective that is beginning to dawn upon My people, and they will begin to see new things and new ways and yes, it shall even be like on the days of Pentecost. And yes, says the Lord, you shall see blood and fire and vapor of smoke.

Watch, says the Lord, even as My people begin to arise on all four corners, and yes it shall be seen and it shall be known that even in states they call Blue liberal, you shall see great pockets of revival that shall sweep those states and there shall be salvations in mass numbers and there shall be churches that have not been visited by My Spirit for decades, but the Lord says, watch and see.  See with your eyes that My church shall gain a place upon secular news stations. There will be things that will be done and happen by way of miracles that they shall not deny.