Prophecies About Delay and Fraud

Nov 19, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Did God prophesy ahead of time about delay and fraud? Carefully read these prophecies below:

Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, October 11, 2020
God says the good shall outweigh the evil, the truth shall outweigh the lies, the hand of the Lord shall outweigh the hand of man and the hand of fraud, the hand of deception, the hand of delay, the hand of despair, and even the spirits of fear. My hand shall outweigh that, and you will see that I have stood upon the land that has been dedicated to Me and the honor of My Son and I have looked at My Son, and He has looked at the harvest, and we have joined hands together with the Spirit, and we have declared that this harvest shall be given to the Lord God on High.

Therefore, this nation will not be a socialist nation; this nation will not go backwards; this nation will not [have freedoms taken] to preach this Gospel. But God says, the door shall remain open and My hand shall come boldly and strong, and I will shake, shake, shake – that the soils of your land shall shake –

And this will be a sign that I am stomping, and I am moving and I have had enough of the lies! And God says, it shall stand in the land – My man shall stand in the land! My truth shall go marching on – and your eyes will see the coming of the glory of the Lord in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, August 16, 2020:

And as I look, Father, upon the earth as a watchman, I see much, my Father, of the enemy’s plot, the enemy’s plan, the enemy’s agenda. And so I see, my Father, what he thinks that he can accomplish. And yet he shall overplay his hand. And he comes in this time to do what is his nature (to do): to steal, to kill, and to destroy. And this is what he desires to bring between now and the end of your year. And to disrupt, to divert, to deceive, even concerning your election, United States – to kill, to steal, to destroy, to bring diversion, delay, deception, through chaos of a planned thing that shall shift and reshape even things as they look now. But he has overplayed his hand in this time.

Do you think for a moment that he will unseat what I have planned? Do you think for a moment, as the heathens rage, and violence has filled the cities of your nation, that this is your future? The Spirit of God says, this is NOT what I have planned. For there is something that exists that hell is afraid of and it is what shall cause things to come into a place of law and order or righteousness and justice. It is the power of My people who have prayed; they have sought My face, and there has been a cry out from the remnant who have said “God, heal our land!”

And so I have waited. In the time that you are in now, it was as the commission was given to the prophet Jeremiah – set over the nations to root out, to destroy, to overthrow, to tear down – and this is what the season is, of what has already existed. Yet the prophet was commissioned to also build and plant. And even though there shall be that which shall come to steal, kill, and destroy, and bring chaos and diversion – My plan that has been prayed for, and continues to be prayed for by My Church, that the gates of hell will not prevail – shall pull this nation through the election and after, that the building and the planting season to raise up this nation as I have promised, shall continue, says the Spirit of the Living God.