May 17, 2024 | TV Product Offer

Psalm 113:4 “The Lord is high above all nations, and His glory above the Heavens!”

We have all seen the rise of evil and chaos in the Earth, but the power of our decree can change the course of cities, nations, and governments. God cares about all the nations of the Earth, and He is calling the Church to fearlessly rise up in this hour and help establish His plans by decreeing what the Scriptures say about our governments, civic matters, moral issues, and nations.

With these life-changing tools you will learn that you are not powerless. You have a weapon that if activated can supernaturally shift the course of our nation, protect your family, expose corruption, and turn around hopeless situations.

For your gift of $35 or more, you’ll receive:

  • Brenda Kunneman’s Book: Daily Decree for Government and Nations
  • Brenda Kunneman’s audio teaching “Praying for Government and Nations”

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