Prayer Against Anxiety

Aug 20, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

We break the power of anxiety and loose peace upon you. Get the heavenly perspective for your situation now!


Maybe you’re in a place right now, You’re like, you know what? I feel like the whole world is falling apart. Well, like the old saying says, he has the whole world in his hands and he’s got you right there in his hands as well. And I feel very strong right now. You know, the scripture says that the love of God does not fail. God’s not going to fail. His love towards you and what you’re going through.

So I extend my hands towards you and I declare in the name of Jesus that the anointing of the spirit of the Lord God himself touch you. Whatever it is that you’re facing, I say that anointing breaks that yoke. I command fear, anxiety, panic, I speak to fatigue and weariness, anxiety that comes and brings that nervous restlessness. I speak now, this Shalom and the peace of God, comes upon you. Those attacks that have come against your mind, those attacks that have come against your body, those attacks that have come against your sleep, those attacks that have come against your finances. Your home, that attack that has come against your children, your marriage, your family. I break its power and I say whatever is bound on Earth shall be bound in the heavens, and whatever is loosed on Earth shall be loosed out of the heavens.

I loose now a peace that brings this thing to divine order and causes the hand of God to uphold you, to sustain you, to strengthen you, to give you a heavenly perspective in this time and in this day, I declare that upon you, now in the name of Jesus, man, I feel the spirit of God. I feel it coming and touching you right where you’re at right now.