Prophetic Pulse Recap: November 9, 2022

Nov 10, 2022 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives, Uncategorized


Deuteronomy 31:8 [NIV]

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”


The Scriptures make it clear that the God we serve is a God who makes covenants, keeps covenants, and fulfills His covenants. In this season of the Decade of Difference, God has remembered His covenants and has prophetically declared that an anointing of preservation has been released over His people. Even though the decade would start off harsh, God has promised that His people would come into peace, rest, and restoration. 

We must remember that even though there are things that are reported and events that take place that seem to show that the enemy has the upper hand, God has said that we are in HIS season of the Long Fall. He is in the process of exposing, removing, and reversing the agenda of hell, and paving the way for a historic reformation to be established throughout the earth! 

We have already seen God begin to reset and establish His plan over Israel through the re-election of Netanyahu. If God can cause a shift in the plans of leadership in Israel, He can certainly shake the woke agenda in America! 

The Righteous Judge has struck his gavel over the earth and declared His verdict. Now we must continue to intercede in prayer and stand in faith as we watch Him act on our behalf! 

To watch the November 9 Prophetic Pulse in its entirety and to hear what the Spirit of the Lord declared ahead of the midterms, visit onevoicetv.net.

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Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Oct. 30, 2022

“There are too many. There are too many in the earth that are afraid, anxious, on edge, wondering and waiting. What shall happen, what shall take place in the coming days and weeks? And yet, men look too much at their politics. Men look too much at the things that they see and hear upon the media. Men are looking too much at what was, what took place in 2020. And yet because they look at these things, they are as Lot’s wife who only could see a perspective of that which was of her flesh. For in the coming days and weeks, there will be things that will be undisputed. There will be things that will be disputed, and there will be things that will be refuted. There will be theft and stealing and fraud, and there will be delays, but there shall be victories as well,” says the living God.

“Yet some will say, ‘Here we go again. We’re going backwards. This will never change;” and others will hang their head in disappointment because they expected a different outcome. But listen to me. This is about my time. This is about my hands,” says the Lord.

Do not look to a day. Do not look to a midterm event for if you do, you will not fully understand that there is a moment where it shall be as though, ‘What is happening?’ Do not let this fool you, for Israel thought the same thing in the middle of the sea. The Egyptians are prevailing. We are but lost. Our freedom is but lost. And they looked to the left, they looked to the right of the walls, but they did not see that in the Spirit, My hand, My wind was blowing to consume that which the enemy did and was trying to do. And yet there was a great victory and there is victory for I have declared that there is an unraveling that shall continue to take place and there will be reversals that will reset this earth again.”

“…Do you think that I can inject goodness at this time that will overcome evil? Do you not see that I can inject truth that shall outweigh the lies? Therefore, I say, Do not put your hopes in just a day. For I am not limited to man’s time or to man’s day, I have said, and I say it to you so you will not be moved, this is my terms. This is my turning and believe me,” says the Lord, “you will see that darkness will not prevail. You will see my light will overcome and my truth will have its way and its voice in this day,” says the Lord.



Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Oct. 30, 2022

“Israel, in the midst of crying out In their bondage, yet God heard, God saw. But My Word declares that the Lord remembered, remembered his covenant. And so I say to you that are in fear in this time I have heard, I have seen, and I have remembered not only my covenant, my plan, but the covenants that are upon this nation. What did I do? I brought deliverance to Israel, and I bring deliverance to you America. Be not moved for at the time of the midday when the prophets of Baal dressed themselves, cut themselves, prophesied and cried aloud to seek the attention of the people. Yet I was silent. I did not answer until the time of a little bit of time that passed of the evening sacrifice, and I responded. Do not be moved by natural dates, times, outcomes, for they will carry on and they will cry. They will create a scene. They will even dress it up. But wait, This Is My time. This is My time,” says the Lord. “You have seen enough of what evil looks like. You have seen enough of what harshness feels like. Yet now you’ll see my judgements and you will see my mercy and I will inject my goodness in a way that you have not seen before. And with this goodness, it shall be as in the days when the prophet Elisha stood up and said, ‘This time tomorrow things will change, and you will eat to your heart’s content.’ Do not judge the midday as the final outcome of midterms. It is my turn. It is my turning,” says the spirit of God.



Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Dec. 31, 2018

“Watch what I do,” says the Lord, “for you were angry, you were surprised at the time of your midterm.  Why were you angry?  Why were you surprised?  For I declared to you that My hands, the left, the right are upon the wheel that drives this nation; and I said to you before your midterm, that acceleration would begin and I’ve not changed My mind.  Listen as I speak to you.  You call it midterm.  I, the Lord God of Hosts calls it mid-turn.  How is this, you say that you have a democratic house?  Listen there is a spirit, and I’ve allowed it, an evil spirit, and I’m not speaking political, I’m speaking to that which has been devised by the enemy to seek to stall you, to create division and conflict.  And as it was in the days of Pharaoh and of Egypt when they stood proud and said, ‘We shall stop Moses and we shall stop Israel,’ and so this House that is seeking to align is whispering in secret the same thing.  Who do you think you are?  For as I drowned Pharaoh and his army, I will drown the lying spirits that seek to divide…”



Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Oct. 14, 2018

“Do not think for a moment that the enemy has the upper hand.  Do not think for a moment that the things you see and the things that you hear that it shall always be.  No, there is a uniting that is taking place and the enemy has over-played his hand.  Therefore, a unity has now come upon this nation and you will see it at the time of your midterm elections,” for God says, “was it not the Son of God who went in and turned over tables, turned over seats.  Watch as you see that which has been held in the hands of the Left shall be tipped to the Right.  And this is not a political thing, for you will say it is, but no I am righting this nation and no man shall steal the future from your children.  The enemy is being stripped of his power, watch and see for you will be surprised of what shall transpire, and oh the hatred that shall arise because they will grasp and they will seek to grab ahold and say ‘We are losing our power and losing our voice and losing our seats and losing our executive brand, the legislative branch, we are losing the judicial branch!’”  And God says, “I’m not just speaking of those on the Left and the Right, I’m saying those who have had the wrong agenda!  Because this nation shall honor the name of My Son.”




Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Jan. 23, 2022 (THE TRIAL)

“There are those that are pressing, saying ‘God when will you turn it? When will you change it? When will it turn?’”  God says, “when the desire is great, but when certain things have run their course or ran out like the wine, then you’re at the moment that I have waited, where no man can do what I’m about to do. No one at the wedding of Cana could turn the water into wine and bring the supernatural transformation that I did, and no man in My turning will take the glory of the transformation that is going to quickly come upon the earth and upon the nation; for I’m the God that turned the water into wine and I’m the God that will begin to turn events, one after another.”



Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Oct. 17, 2021 (THE VERDICT)

“You must look closely now as My hand shall strike throughout this month and into the season of My fall. Do not interpret, do not put your timeframe upon the events of things that shall begin to take place.” For God says, “this is now My time and so I say to you, you will see visible evidence that My hand is and shall fulfill the works that have been spoken of through My people who have prophesied, who have prayed, and who have stood in this time.

For some who have listened with the television set between their ears, they have listened to the prince and the power of the air using the media to project and prognosticate causing man to think that this is the way that things shall always be or shall be the future. But I have declared to you,” says the Lord, “that this is a new era that demands a new season so watch very closely. There shall be removals, there shall be reversals, and there is a great reform. You say, ‘why is all of this happening?’” God says, “I’m allowing it to be brought to a place that My hand can reshape, reform, remove, reverse, but watch this – reset.

I will reset a woke culture and mentality and I will show them the foolishness of their words, of their ways, and their belief. And God says, “I’ll do it and not only as a reset. You say, ‘How will you do it God?’” The Spirit of the Lord says, “have you ever heard of being reborn? Have you ever heard of rebirth? I’m rebirthing this nation,” says the Lord, “and in the rebirthing of this nation shall be an awakening of a reborn spirit that shall cause men to see the foolishness of their ways and what they have stood for. So let the evil continue to arise to the top. Let the shaking continue. Let the evil continue to be exposed because,” God says, “look past it and see My hand that is bringing forth a reform to bring a reset because it is a rebirthing that is taking place at this time,” says the Living God.



Excerpt from Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy – Sept. 18, 2021 (THE HARVEST)

“…Things are going to get intense; things are going to begin to heat up, and yes there will be signs even in the natural as records, extreme temperatures shall be upon the lands. And then they will say, ‘we do not understand, it seems as though things are unpredictable in the temperatures and what should be happening at the time of this fall through the winter’. But you are not entering in just into natural seasons, you are entering into My season of the fall, and it shall be a long fall as there is a long list that I will check off that shall fall in the earth.

The agendas shall fall. The strongholds of satanic principalities and powers and their agendas will fall. Legislations that they will use words like mandate, shall fall. And what shall collapse and fall before the television screens of the earth. Are you ready? For in My season of the fall spirits, ancient spirits of darkness, like in the days of Goliath who stood to taunt, to intimidate you, to bring fear and to seize you. They shall flex their muscles with their military might. They shall flex their muscles with threats. They will flex their muscles to seek to attack your bread and your water systems. But I have blessed your bread and I have blessed your water and I will take sicknesses and diseases away, including what they say is a virus!