Make Room for the Supernatural!

Jul 10, 2019 | Articles, Pastor Hank Kunneman

When speaking of John the Baptist, Jesus said, “What did you come out to see?” He was referencing the curious nature of people, who crave to see supernatural activity. However, when it comes to God and church, people often expect very little supernatural expression and in some cases even resist it.

John the Baptist didn’t perform miracles, he only had a strong, inspiring message.  Jesus, on the other hand, not only had an inspiring message, but came performing miracles and then commissioned the church to do the same.  Today there are many church experiences offering inspiring messages, but there are far fewer supernatural expressions and miracles. Unless we make room for God to move in supernatural power, we risk losing the power of Pentecost and we are depriving this generation of what every human being desires to experience—the miraculous!  We can’t allow the only supernatural they see to be the evil that is portrayed through movies and television. People need to see the genuine power of God!

Jesus said we would receive power after the Holy Ghost comes upon us.  It is time to cooperate with the Spirit of God and do the works that Jesus said we can do! We have been anointed by God to heal the sick, cast out devils, pray in tongues and manifest God’s glory.   If we are going to do these things, then we must learn how to prepare ourselves and begin to make room for the supernatural!