Apr 4, 2024 | Stand for Truth

There’s a major legislative issue in the Nebraska unicameral that has the ability to make a significant impact in determining the outcome of the 2024 presidential election and you can use your voice to help play a part!

Currently, Nebraska is one of two states that splits its electoral college votes. Rather than all of 5 of its electoral votes going to the candidate that wins the popular vote in the state, Nebraska allows 2 votes for the candidate that wins the popular vote statewide and the other three votes are allocated based on the winner of their respective Congressional district. If this sounds needlessly complicated, it is! And this is why we need your help.

We encourage you to reach out to Governor Jim Pillen and urge him to call a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to discuss and vote on the issue of returning Nebraska to a Winner Take All electoral college system.

Establishing a Winner Take All system would not only ensure that Nebraskans get their voices heard but would also have a significant impact on the outcome of the 2024 election. This is not the time to back down! You can contact Governor Pillen at:

Phone: (402)471-2244

Email: governor.nebraska.gov

When calling or emailing the governor, simply follow this script:

Hello Governor Pillen
My name is ________. Thank you for your support of the effort to return Nebraska to a Winner Take All Electoral College system. As a concerned voter in the presidential election, I am asking you to call a special session of the legislature to discuss moving the state of Nebraska to a Winner Take All Electoral College system that mirrors the overwhelming majority of states all across this nation. Nebraskans deserve to have their voices heard and their votes counted.
Thank you again for supporting this important issue that matters to all voters in our great republic.

Nebraska’s 5 votes may seem minuscule when compared to the overall electoral college, but in recent elections, Nebraska’s vote has played a significant role in deciding which presidential candidate won the electoral college. Only twice in recent history has the Nebraska vote gone to the Democrats, but each of those instances proved to be critical junctures in negatively impacting the political and societal landscape of our nation:
● 2008 with President Barack Obama
● 2020 with Joe Biden

As we all know, the importance of every vote for this election cycle will shape the very future and fabric of our nation. We can’t stress enough how much you are needed to exercise your right as a U.S. citizen and your heavenly authority to pave a way for God to establish righteousness and justice in this nation again!