PROPHECY: “Look To The Sky!” Says the King Of The Air And The Earth

Nov 3, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Sunday, October 23, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord has declared there will be many wonders in the heavens and signs on the earth below. When you see these signs, it will be a reminder to those with spiritual understanding that God is in charge and the redemption of His people draws near!

Do not be in fear of what may be reported by the media and men of the earth, because it has been prophetically declared that now is a time for the miraculous as God Himself is standing right in the middle of the darkness preparing to show His power!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman October 23, 2022 9:00AM Sunday Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church

Prophesy / Visions / Dreams / Look to the Sky / Redemption:
I’ve declared in my Word, yes, that your sons and daughters will prophesy; and I’ve declared that there would be visions and dreams. But I also declare, and I declared that there would be wonders in the heavens and there would be signs on the earth below. And the Son of God declared, He said, When you see that there would be signs in the earth below, Look up, look up. Look up when the waves roar, the nations be in perplexity, look up for your redemption draws nigh. And so I speak at this time, look to the sky; and this I speak across your earth for many only look at what the prince of the power of the air seeks to do through its demonic agenda and its powers of witchcraft. But I am not the prince of the air. I am the king over all things including the air, the sea, the waters, and everything even under the sea.

Jets / Missiles / 45:
So look to the sky, and I speak this as the King of the air and the earth. There will be that which when you look to the sky, you will say, I wonder what is this? For there will be close calls, so they would say, of jets that will come to the very outer edges of your airspace. And there will be missile tests that will fill the air. And there will even be one missile with fire that shall cause men to fear and say, ‘Where shall this land? And what shall be the damage thereof?’ But God says, I as the King of the air shall strike it down. And then they will say, ‘What is this? 45 is flying his plane again. What does this mean? We must stop him. We must raise up further attempts that he may never be seated again.’ So they shall say. But as the King of the air, I shall strike down their efforts and he shall fly freely proclaiming my agenda for this nation to raise it up great again.

Wonders in the Skies / Elements / Divine Reset:
But then I will show wonders in the skies that will bring forth an understanding that I’m the one that’s in charge. I am the one that will show great wonders and I will use the elements, for fire will fall from the sky. Rocks will fall from the sky. Hailstones, out of season shall fall from the sky. Rainbow lights shall fall from the sky, and snowflakes the size that they have not seen before shall fall from the sky. Rain in great record numbers shall fall from the sky. Why? Look up. Was it not the disciples who saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven? These signs shall cause the earth to rejoice, for then you will understand my divine reset and resetting of not only this nation but the earth.

No Fear / War / Agenda with 45 / Elements / Redemptive Plan / Resignations & Deaths / Justice:
Therefore, do not be filled with fear when it looks like there is war or attempts to stop my agenda with 45. Look to the elements, they will speak loudly of my redemptive plan, says the Living God, for these signs in the natural shall be signs of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the nation, the nations of the earth. And when these signs fall and you see that which I have spoken, look at how the earth will be shaken. There shall be resignations from certain world leaders. Others will fall over and give their last breath. Others will be brought to justice and will be shown the evil deeds that they thought would never bring them to a place that they would be removed. But this shall happen now.